The Other Woman Speaks!

Deny! Deny! Deny! The other woman that allegedly cheated with Shania Twain’s husband speaks and what she says is expected. Don’t believe what you read.


Speaking for the first time since the news of the alleged affair became
public, Marie-Anne Thiébaud, 37, told PEOPLE, "You cannot believe
everything you read in the press." When asked directly if she had an
affair with Twain’s husband, music producer Robert "Mutt" Lange, she
replied, "No."

Well, Shania is continuing to believe as she is still in Canada with family healing from this mess.




  1. Passerby says

    I don’t think Mutt’s cheating has alot to do with Shania but with him. He probably would have cheated on whomever he is married to because that’s what he is….a cheater.

  2. Passerby says

    some of you poster need to get into therapy. (i kid, i kid.) anyway of course the other woman is going to deny it. no surprise there. cheating is not always about physical attraction, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. Granger says

    I love when people try to blame a man’s cheating on the woman. It’s so beautifully sexist.

    And I love the weight gain argument. A woman puts her body through hell to carry and give birth to a man’s child(ren), and all he can say is, “Great, honey, thanks for these miraculous gifts who will carry my genes into perpetuity, but jeez — couldn’t you hurry it up and get into the size 0 jeans now?”

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  5. Whitney says

    This proves even more what I’ve said before…all men cheat. Sooner or later they do. It doesn’t matter how good looking the woman is, or what a great wife or mother she is. They cheat, men love variety and are always curious about other women. I know some women here are going to scream and holler back at my comment, some women are even going to catch a heart attack. Face it ladies, all men cheat, just because you have been married to your man for 10, 15, 20 years don’t mean sh*t. If you’ve never found out, is just that he’s been good at hiding it. A man will step out on his woman at least once. Don’t confuse love with sex, this is not about love. A man can love his wife very much; but he will still cheat. Women need to separate love and sex, men do.

  6. Mr. T says

    Whitney, with all due respect. All men do not cheat. I know more men that are faithful to their wives than not. I know women that cheat on their husbands and that doesn’t mean all women cheat. Relax and have faith that there are good men out in the world. If you look at Hollywoodland, of course it is absurd. You’d have to be an idiot to marry a celebrity (or a maschocist, jury’s out on that one).

  7. Passerby says

    If a man was very active before marriage then he might cheat. My husband was not and I doubt he would cheat because of his good character.

  8. Passerby says

    i love love love this woman! she deserve sbetter then mutt maybe she will stay in canada! haha. this must be a horrible thing for her to go thru i couldnt even imagine having it all in the media like this. shania is a strong woman she will get through this and hopefully make some kick a** music without mutt and be happy.

  9. -ohmy- says

    Whitney – let me guess… You’ve been cheated on? Multiple times??

    I’m not exusing a cheater – but not ALL men cheat…. I know women that have cheated – what about them?

  10. vic says

    Whitney,,,I’m kinda with you on this. I haven’t been cheated on (well, at least not to my knowledge), but I’ve been around the block enough to know that you are pretty accurate in your statement.

    I think the most important reason that pushes a man to cheat is when their wife gains a lot of weight (ok ladies, calm down and hear me out), if a guy marries a slim woman and she gains a lot of weight through their relationship, you can’t really blame a man for “straying”, if he is not attracted to big women, why would he want his wife turning into one after years of marriage.

    Women also stop making the effort and don’t fix themselves up as often anymore, stop putting on make up, stop shaving their legs, stop wearing the sexy underwear.

    I know someone is going to come back yelling about how shallow my remarks are and that true love has no colour, size, shape etc…..but that is only how women think NOT men.!!! Trust me ladies you are dealing with shallow, hormone driven men and if you want the relationship to last PLEASE put an effort into your appearance…..he may still stray….but it will take him longer to decide to do so.

  11. gisela says


    I agree with you, we women don’t want to hear the truth sometimes. We nag and nag and then when we ask our men what’s wrong, we don’t let them talk. I’m not saying is always the women’s fault when a man cheats. Some of the comments from some women here are histerical; you get angry and flustered when someone has an opinion other than yours. A person doesn’t have to be cheated on to feel that all men cheat, Ladies get a clue or at least listen to your husbands for once.

  12. Passerby says

    I kind of agree with you on the appearance part. I’m not saying women should always be fixed up but putting a little effort shows that you still are into the relationship. Sure, being messy shows you’re comfortable around the guy but guys appreciate when a girl fixes herself up for them. I’m lucky because even when I’m in pjs with no makeup, my boyfriend still tells me I’m beautiful but I will fix myself up for him and I can tell that he likes it. But to say that all men are cheaters is just unfair (not that you said they were but the other poster did say that). Some men really do love their wives or partners and don’t look at other women. Yea, my dad cheated on my mom but my uncle has been completely faithful to my aunt in their 25+ years of marriage. It all depends on the person and how they value their relationship.

  13. Monkey Joystick says

    All I got to say is BS….if you think all men are cheaters, probably based on your experience, maybe something is wrong with you.

  14. maggie says

    Yeah Vic, because Shania is so fat and ugly. No wonder why Mutt left her for Marie-Anne. HUH???
    I’m Sorry but Marie-Anne looks old – she could easily pass as Shania’s grandmother. I don’t find her attractive whatsoever, but then again Mutt is pretty ugly himself. Not to sure what Shania saw in him in the first place.

  15. Lisa says

    you see Maggie compare to Shania, Marie-Anne is Tori Spelling. Shania is more beautiful, sexier than Marie-Ann but yet her husband cheated on her. Ladies, when men cheat it has nothing to do with looks, sometimes a man needs a woman to listen to him, to make him feel like a man again. Shania with all her looks and her hot body could not keep her man in her bed.

  16. Passerby says

    I think is great that your man finds you beautiful in pjs and that you take the effort to fix up for him. Is too bad your dad cheated on your mom. You claim your uncle has never cheated on your aunt but noone ever knows. Some men are good at hiding it. Maybe, even if it’s a one night stand. Your uncle could not possibly have remained faithful for 25+ years. If he did, then he is an angel from heaven sent forth to live among us sinful humans.

  17. gabrielina says

    Thank you :D. Yea, it’s a shame my dad cheated but it happens. I guess you’re right about my uncle but it’s just nice to believe that he hasn’t cheated since their relationship is so strong. I like to look at their marriage as an example. I just don’t want to believe that every man is a cheater. It kind of makes me feel like, well if I’m going to get cheated on then what’s the point? I still feel like it’s all up to the person if they’re going to cheat. Well, it’s up to their partner too because if they’re being treated poorly, their partner is going to stray, or leave them. (And this is really me I just wasn’t logged in when I posted the other reply.)