Usher Performing On Good Morning America

Usher is such a great performer isn’t he? Singing, dancing, charisma – he has it all! Here he is on Good Morning America singing Love in the Club.




  1. Irishgal says

    He is copying MJ!!!!! Very similiar dance moves. Justin Timberlake copies MJ too! And Chris Brown. The list goes on. No matter what people think of MJ, all the artists out there today have been inspired by him. I wish they would come up with their own moves though. There’s only 1 MJ.

  2. Monica says

    I LOVE this song!! It’s such a good song to dance to in the bar. Usher is so talented for sure… I love a lot of his music. His voice is wonderful!!!! 8:50 in the morning is awful early to be singing at and performing, don’t y’all think??? I would not have been able to drag myself out of bed to perform that early!