Halle Berry And Her Mother Spending Time Together

Halle Berry and her mother spent the afternoon shopping in Malibu making a stop at Cross Creak. I love seeing Halle out in summer garb, but you know what I would love more? A stroller! DYING to see her pumpkin. But I have a feeling that we aren’t going to be doing that for a looooong time.

Photos by WENN




  1. ekentb says

    That’s not her mom with her, you dumbasses! They are her relatives that came to visit her. I know because they are related to a coworker of mine. Get your facts straight!

  2. Gabby's relatives says

    Halle’s out w/Gabby’s family who are in town. Judith, her mother is not in any of the pictures. Check your sources from other sites on the internet.

  3. BoN says

    I say more power to her being able to protect her child & keep her child away from the paps.
    I would like to see pics of the baby as well but I believe she’s doing what she has to to protect her child.

  4. Granger says

    How is it possible for someone as huge as Halle Berry to NEVER be photographed taking her baby for a stroll? I thought the papparazzi would be camped outside her house, drooling for The Picture. I mean, has she just never taken the baby out of the house yet? Because that would be totally weird — the kid is over 2 months old now. Seriously, I’m totally curious!!!!

  5. ladybug says

    Is that really her mom? She looks different that she normally does. To the poster above (Granger): Gabriel probably takes care of the baby while the paps are running after Halle. Either that or they live somewhere where the photographers can;t get too close.

  6. cherryvanilla23 says

    halle has always been one of my favorite celebs. i would love to a pic of her baby i bet she is a gorgeous baby!

  7. Passerby says

    That is definitely NOT Halle’s mother. The people with Halle are Gabriel’s relatives.

  8. Passerby says

    I doubt she’s taken the baby out yet BECAUSE of the possible frenzy that might ensue.

    I don’t blame her.

    She’s looking great, however.