Charlize Theron, Audrina Patridge And The Rock On The Gold Carpet

Rain Wilson too! Just didn’t want to make the title too long.

Charlize Theron literally walked the entire carpet with this look on her face. Well, at least the section I was in got to see a very tight lipped and fast paced Charlize. Audrina Patridge did the rounds as did Dwayne Johnson who was looking especially good looking today. He is one fine man indeed.




  1. sammy says

    I would have the same facial expression as Charlize with this top 😉
    You probably can not dance or move your arms with it…

  2. xulili says

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  3. Elina says

    Charlize looks great and she has nice strong shoulders but the top she is wearing is not complimenting her body. It makes her look overly masculine and looking from the side cups do not fit her well. I do like the top though. These two were not made for each other.

  4. klessig says

    I was just about to say that Charlize is beautiful, but that top does nothing for her. As a matter of fact, I don’t think the entire outfit does anything for her. And HOLY SKINNY Audrina!

  5. Allison says

    Well said Elina. Perhaps that is why she doesn’t look happy to be there? That is the fakest smile i’ve seen in a while. Also very defensive body language too. Even her hair looks a bit off for that outfit too. Perhaps the stylist talked her into the whole outfit and nows she’s feeling uncomfortable in it. She certainly LOOKS uncomfortable in it. Aaah, we all have bad days, see?
    On a side note I’m LOVING SJP’s hair. Just gorgeous!

  6. Daniee says

    Really? I find Dwayne seems like he tries way too hard for my liking. I guess I could be old fashioned and like guys who appear to be just thrown together kinda like Colin Farrel.

  7. breeslee says

    Why does Audrina have to always wear tight, short dresses? I know she has great legs but it’s getting old. I’m over it.