Final Post Rounding Up MTV Movie Awards

Pussycat Dolls (whose new song I LOVE), Megan Fox, Anne Hathaway, Diddy, Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton and Benji Madden were the last group to walk the arrivals. Once inside I wasn’t allow to take pictures although I did snag one of Paris and Benji’s many trips up and down the aisle. She literally scanned the crowd and made eye contact with anyone who was watching her. It was really fun(ny) to watch.

Sarah Jessica spoke to as many people as she could and was really excited. If you saw her interview on TV, you can see me behind her with MK. I haven’t seen the footage yet, so hopefully I am behaving. :)

Diddy RAN in and then hopped back out to do a few on camera interviews and Megan spoke to no one on my end.

I’m still on East Coast time so I’m off to la la land until tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the shots.




  1. Casey says

    it’s called “when I grow up”
    I love it too, it’s a great song!

    Also: Megan = Sexy!
    Paris = Pathetic!

  2. Elina says

    I love this flirty number on Megan Fox. Although I am not into pink color I still like it. Perhaps a different shade of pink, less vivacious, would look better (for me)

  3. Kathleen says

    I wish that Megan Fox would REMOVE her tats–then she would REALLY be a “fox”! LOL :)

  4. Passerby says

    it’s not the tats that bother me, it’s the face of marilyn monroe! angelina does tats and it always seems to look better, and i know megan fox is often compared to angelina….i still think she’s great tho.

  5. Ernestine says

    Okay. I don’t like pink in general, but Megan’s stylist should be burned at the stake for this one. Oh my God. That dress is HORRID!! Who DRESSES this girl?!?! Why is she constantly tarted up like a Bratz doll? I’ve only seen ONE photoshoot that made me think Megan Fox was actually really, really pretty, and I think it might have been for Seventeen magazine or something like that (hey, I read a LOT of internet gossip; I don’t have subscriptions to these things, I swear). She was *gasp!* almost fully clothed, she wasn’t wearing *gasp!* a crapton of face paint, she had this lovely gigantic smile instead of that self-consciously puckered DSL thing going on, and she actually seems like a humorous, likeable person. I mean, the girl owns a potbellied pig named Piggie Smalls, so that at least proves that she’s an animal lover with good taste in gangsta rap. But ugugugughghgh those TATTOOS ARE SO DUMB. And, I’m sorry. Megan is an extremely striking girl, but there’s only one Angelina. Megan’s features are too severe — she’s like a costume Jolie.

  6. Passerby says

    There is just something obscene about Sarah Jessica Parker’s name being in the same sentence as Paris Hilton. These two ladies couldn’t be more different! SJP is a respected actress, producer, and humanitarian. Hilton is the bottom of the barrel.