Lucy Liu And Jack Black At The Kung Fu Panda Premiere

Lucy Liu and Jack Black attended the premiere of Kung Fu Panda. She really looks stunning, doesn’t she? New pictures of Lucy are always a treat, because she’s so rarely photographed by the paparazzi and she has such a great sense of style. I wish we’d see more of her! We need another Charlie’s Angels movie so we can get her, Drew and Cameron out on the red carpet promotion scene more often. :)

Photos by Bauer Griffin


  1. EmilyS says

    I think she’s beautiful. Also, I would have Jack Black’s babies. And my husband is okay with this.

  2. Kyle says

    OMG, I almost died when I read your comment.  I have a friend who’s in love with Jack Black too.  She was in N.Y.C. and she saw him out on the street and the first thing she yelled out to him was "Jack Black, I wanna have your babies!!!!"



    Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff :)

  3. Mel says

    Amen on another Charlies Angels movies. I loved the 1st 2 so much! I think Lucy is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

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