Michelle Monaghan Expecting First Child

Anyone see Made of Honor? Well, the lovely Michelle Monaghan is expecting her first child. People Magazine is reporting that the actress is due in late fall.

Monaghan’s rep Jennifer Allen, who confirms the news, says, "They are very excited."

Anyone out there have a man as their maid of honor? I had one of each. My cousin (male) and my best friend (female) – I couldn’t decide. :)

Photo by WENN




  1. LaurenLovesNick says

    My aunt was the best man at her best friends wedding but she looked HOT in the tux!

    Congratulations to Michelle! How exciting!

  2. Sammy-xx says

    Congratulations !!
    I haven’t seen her in a lot of films but I’m too excited about Eagle Eye – mainly because of a certain LaBeouf’s in it- it looks very good
    If I’ve done my maths right she’ll just have her baby and then Eagle Eye will be released

  3. Savage says

    My mom was also a best man in her friends wedding. haha. She wore a tux and everything!

    Congrats to her! Babies are such a joy!