Camp Confidence With Tupperware And Brooke Shields

I brought along a digital recorder and did several interviews on tape, but riding home I decided to talk about this extraordinary company from the heart as that is what every other person did this evening.

I was invited to Tupperware’s launch party for Camp Confidence, a program designed to provide information and guidance to women who are in need of beauty, finance, health and relationship advice. If you are NY based and plan on being in the city tomorrow around noon, please visit theTime Warner Center to attend this one day consumer workshop. Brooke Shields hosts alongside:

  • Bethenny Frankel; Health & Wellness expert and star of Bravo’s Real Housewives of NYC
  • Laura Rowley; Finance expert and Yahoo! finance columnist
  • Carie Brescia; Beauty expert
    Logan Levkoff; Relationship expert

The post is a bit long. So I am going to place it under the jump. But click on the continue reading link below to hear about my meeting with Tony Parker, Brooke Shields, the CEO of Tupperware, and Bethenny Frankel.

Ok now onto the day. First up I met Tony Parker. TOTALLY RANDOM. Well, it wasn’t that random as the space that was rented for the event belonged to none other than Robert Verdi, Eva Longoria’s favorite stylist and friend. He’s done a slew of things in his own right, but Eva is how I personally know of him. Turns out that Mr. Robert is quite the business man. He owns and rents out this AMAZING loft in the city to PR firms who are in need of really inspiring and trendy spaces. So not only does he get paid to invite people into his pad, but he also gets to attend all the parties! Brilliant!! :)

So why was Tony there? Because he was checking out a TV (I laugh calling it that because it was the entire width of the WALL) that Robert had. You see, Robert is helping Eva redesign her house and he thinks that TV (snicker snicker) would be great in their game room. Tony said it would be perfect for his playtime on Rockband.

I walked up to Robert and handed him my card. He said, ‘Oh God! Please don’t write that I am fat or that any of my clients are fat.’ I thought that was pretty funny. I then asked him to send along any information he wanted to push from his clients (who’s wearing what etc) and he promised to stalk. So we shall see. Very, very nice guy.

I then sat down with Rick Goings, Tupperware’s CEO and that man had me crying a good three times. What an inspiration. You can literally feel the passion he has for his company and for this initiative. As some of you may know, I favor Dove’s Uniquely Me campaign because the main goal of the company is to promote self esteem in young girls. Well, Chain of Confidence does the same thing but does not limit its recipients by age. There are so many women out there who just don’t have the resources to get the answers they need about life and this campaign will help resolve that. Do you need help with finances? Trouble figuring out how to save money for retirement? Do you not have an accountant or financial adviser to lean on? This global campaign is going to put an end to that and I am so thankful to know of it.

Why did I cry? Because Rick talked about how his managing director who was standing right behind me came from an abusive relationship and rose from the ashes three sons in tow. How did she do it? By having the confidence to believe in herself and the power that friendship and mentoring provides. When my interview was over, I got up and hugged the woman because her story was so inspiring. Then we talked for twenty minutes about the program and how she’s seen it change people.

Rick also admitted to losing a daughter in her 20s to an eating disorder. As a mother, that hit home. But to see this man do such amazing things after going through such a tragedy was inspirational. I don’t know if I would have came out of something like that the same way. Lastly, Tupperware joined forces with the Boys and Girls Club of America (which Rick is the chairman of) and he rattled off statistics that knocked my socks off. The positive impact the Boys and Girls Club has on our youth is immeasurable.

I know this post is long and I am sorry for that. But you have to understand how I am affected by the evening. Self esteem, confidence, friendship and knowledge are all women need to keep moving forward and Tupperware’s campaign is providing that.

Main attraction time.

Brooke Shields had foot surgery a few weeks ago so she was walking around with a cane. Beautiful as ever, even she got teary eyed listening to Rick give his opening speech. She had a list of things which were highlighted, bolded and printed but never ended up looking at her paper. She spoke from the heart and it was very obvious that she believed in this initiative as everything she said was so genuine and sincere.

Last interview of the night was Bethenny Frankel and I am super excited about her upcoming book (due March ’09). Naturally Thin is a non diet book that I am ready to purchase and devour. She completely sparked my interest as I already buy into her beliefs. No more fad diets, no more counting, no more excuses. Just a lifestyle change that promises to never put me on a diet again. HELLO! She was very sweet and very intelligent. I wish her much success. And for those of you who watch The Real Housewives of NYC, there will be a second season and Bethenny is willing and able to head back to the Hamptons for some fun with the girls.

Ending note – check out Chain of Confidence and see for yourself what a wonderful organization it really is. Daughters and mothers alike – who couldn’t use a little extra knowledge? :)




  1. Kyle says

    Sounds amazing Vera.

    And you are really photogenic!!!

    Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff :)

  2. Booyah says

    Lipstick Jungle will be back, they wrapped for the season. I think you can still catch the old episodes online.
    Vera, these pictures finally clicked for me. You look like Gillian Anderson’s younger sister.

    So, Robert Verdi shops and re-dresses folks for a living, has a fabulous loft, and gets to write off decorating it by renting out some of it for events. Wow, dream job for me. Fabulous. I alway do wonder what the folks who redecorate or dress someone have for their own. Didn’t he have a redecorating show before his stylist one? Yes, I just checked IMDB, he did.

    Too funny, don’t call me fat. You just know he is on here today checking. Hi there! You don’t look fat Robert.