Obama And Clinton To Run Together

I’m in the car right now and the news just said that Obama will take the democratic nomination as early as tonight with Clinton running as his Vice.

Update: just got home. Radio DJ jumped the gun a bit. CNN is reporting that Hilary will NOT concede tonight.

Speaking in New York, Sen. Hillary Clinton, congratulated Obama for
his campaign, but she did not concede the race nor discuss the
possibility of running as vice president.

There were reports
earlier in the day that she would concede, but her campaign said she
was "absolutely not" prepared to do so. "This has been a long campaign, and I will be making no decisions tonight," she said.

Update 2: Obama makes history.




  1. JenneD says

    Ugh. He’ll lose my vote if he does, and most likely the majority of his “Republicans and Independents for Obama”.

  2. -ohmy- says

    I heard she is not conceding – and I thought he would give it to John Edwards before her. Ugh because of this huge Democratic cluster bomb I think Americans will elect McCain (although I HOPE AND PRAY this doesn’t happen)!

  3. Passerby says

    Girlfriend!!! Stick to what you know and stay out of politics!! The VP isn’t picked until about the time of the convention. Sheesh!

  4. Passerby says

    Obama associates with anti American, racist, anti-semitic, and truly horrible people. A president SHOULD KNOW how to pick his friends. The thought of an Obama presidency scares the s&*t out of me. This man has NOT been properly vetted!

  5. Passerby says

    It is sad how people call Hillary shady without stating a fact. Hillary has always been concerned about the less fortunate. When Hillary was in high school she raised money to help the immigrant workers and even did baby sitting for the imigrant worker’s babies. Hillary has always been a very smart, successful, and determined woman. When Hillary went to visit Harvard a professor told Hillary there were already too many female lawyers, so Hillary decided to go to Yale instead where she met Bill Clinton. Hillary has always gotten a bad rap from some people. When Bill Clinton became governor, Hillary was a successful lawyer and this bothered some people because they expected a governors wife not to work. When Hillary went to Wellesley College and noticed there were not a lot of African Americans on campus, she organized a two-day student strike and worked with Wellesley’s black students to recruit more black students and faculty.
    I do not understand why someone would vote for McCain if Hillary is VP. Voting for McCain means another Bush Jr. The only people benifiting from voting Republican are the elite 3 percent of Americans that make $200,000 or more a year because they get better tax better tax breaks than the 97 percent of Americans that make less than $200,000 per year.

  6. Passerby says

    well i’m just worried about OBama because he did go to a muslim school.. now there’s nothing wrong with being a muslim of course but this muslim school (in jakarta, indonesia. Indonesia has been known to have people that joined jihad)teaches radical islam which supports bombings(holy war) n stuff…

    now THAT worries me

  7. Passerby says

    well i’m just worried about OBama because he did go to a muslim school.. now there’s nothing wrong with being a muslim of course but this muslim school (in jakarta, indonesia. Indonesia has been known to have people that joined jihad)teaches radical islam which supports bombings(holy war) n stuff…

    now THAT worries me

  8. davisshine says

    This is a rumor spread by the associated press, Hillary’s camp vehemently denies it and says she will NOT drop out until Barack has the delegates to ensure him the nomination.

  9. LaurenLovesNick says

    If you were so worried you would have looked into the school and found that it WAS NOT a muslin school that he briefly attended but a school that hosted Muslims AND Christian students… Even the news has investigated the school and found it to be AMAZING. And its a school that allows different religions to be practiced, unlike the United States that shuns religion.

  10. LaurenLovesNick says

    FACT- Hilary bought and sold unlivable land to senior citizen to screw them out of money.

    Fact- Bill pardoned members of FLAN ( A TERRORIST GROUP) immediatly before he left office so Hilary could get the hispanic vote!

    FACT- Hilary has spent more on personal eartags than ANY OTHER SENATOR EVER, and most of it goes to people who supported her campain

  11. LaurenLovesNick says

    Sadly those are Americans too, and should have a president they also respect, would you rather have a president that can work with EVERYONE or someone who will only work with people with their same beliefs?? Its about ACCEPTANCE! You dont have to agree with someone to have a conversation with them!!

  12. nickb says

    Obama does not need her—he needs Chuck Hagel—look him up

    Clinton machine just got their butts kicked.

  13. Passerby says

    It is true that the tax system needs an overhaul, but it is a very, very complicated issue. People who make $200,000, for example, are not rich by today’s standards, particularly when there are children involved. College (and saving for retirement) are huge expenses, especially if they get a college education, which, at a minimum, costs a family $60,000 per child for just a 4-year degree. And, if you make in that income, you don’t get financial aid.

    They need to set the standards higher where they consider someone rich, and yes, tax laws need to be adjusted for those very rich people because they are getting breaks while others are not. But certainly taxes for the rich should not be punitive. The “rich” are the ones who are creating new businesses, creating jobs, and employing suckers like me! LOL. Don’t take the tax incentives away for them to do so because then we all suffer. If there are no tax incentives, that means the new companies and technologies won’t be created.

    Also, did you know that 10% of the top income earners pay almost 70% of all taxes in this country??

  14. CapturingLife says

    $200,000 is A LOT. Nobody “has” to pay for their kids’ college education. My parents didn’t and I didn’t get a dime of financial aid. And my husband and I don’t make anywhere in the same zip code as $200,000! If we made 200k, I would EXPECT to be taxed a LOT! LOL

  15. Passerby says

    The thought of Obama as president scares the sh*t out of you? and Bush’s lies and years of dead soldiers fighting for oil didn’t?

  16. Passerby says

    FACT- Bush lie in order to get the senate to vote on a war…for oil not “freedom”, FACT-Bush lied when he said Sadam had WPD, never have any been found. FACT-Bush Jr, Sr, and his brothers are crooks, made a fortune out of bad investments that left many people broke. SHUT UP

  17. Passerby says

    CapturingLife, 200K isn’t that much if you live in NYC, San Fran, or other high cost of living areas. You are basically just getting by on that and not saving much if you have a family of 4 or 5. If you live in the midwest, south, and places like that, you are going to feel much more comfortable on that amount. Most college students would never, ever be able to pay for college on their own these days. Tuitions are WAY up from when I went to college.

  18. July says

    All I can say is….whoever gets elected, I do not believe that we are going to see majors changes. If we have a Democrat president, we will be paying a whole lot of taxes. Did you know that the democrats would not renew a tax law that allows college tuitions to be deducted (being a young graduate, I definitely enjoyed having the chance to do so), they have not renewed the tax law that allows dividends to be taxed only 15%, and they are now taxed 35%, oh and to make it even better, Obama wants to raise the Capital Gain tax rate from 15% to no more than 35%, but no less than 28%. I mean is that really what people want….to work more and get more money taken away??? Don’t get me wrong….I don’t really like McCain either, and don’t believe that he will be able to resolve a whole lot. I just think that we are unfortunate with the candidates running right now, and I just hope that whoever gets elected will at least help us come out of this economic crisis, and those awful gas prices.

  19. SpiceGirl says

    I always come to your site and I like it but I want you to do a tad bit more research because Obama has not said who he would pick. Hillary has not even ackowledged Barack has won the nomination. She is trying to bully her way to try to be VP and that shows her lack of character! Barack needs to put John Edwards on the ticket not Hillary she has no character and neither does her husband!

  20. SpiceGirl says

    Please don’t post anything on your website that you heard from your radio DJ until you do some research..we do read this site and would like to think that you do your fact checkin!

  21. Passerby says

    The presidency was never intended to have the sort of over-arching scope of power currently attributed to it. This country is supposed to be a place where people do not need to fear the government meddling and ultimately regulating our lives from which doctors we visit or to which schools we send our children or anything that is an individual’s right to govern.

    Some of you are giving the government too much credit when it is actually OUR OWN responsibility to make the best use of whatever freedoms we have. Freedom IS personal responsibility.

    If you want the government to babysit you and pay for everything and guide you by the hand, fine, but you must sacrifice some freedoms. It cannot be both ways. And trust me that heavily regulated (read: socialized) anything is total garbage. Have you heard about Hurricane Katrina and how fantastically disastrous the government-sponsored responses were? Freakin’ Brad Pitt got more done here in two weeks than the entire FEMA monstrosity has yet to accomplish.

    Just think about what you’re saying when you clamor for more! more! more! federal regulation and intervention. Or, if you really want to exchange your freedoms for the coziness of ineffective socialization, you could just move to France.

  22. a dost! says

    I’m pretty sure that when it was actually looked into, the school he attended wasn’t a muslim school. It may be now, but at the time he attended it wasn’t; I believe that I read that it was either a Catholic or Christain school. Not that it needs to be defended anyway, but not all Muslims are terrorists.

    I just found the link:

  23. Passerby says


    “Id rather go hunting with Dick Chaney then ride in a car with Ted Kenenedy!”

  24. Passerby says

    The United States doesn’t shun religion, as you say. We have a separation of church and state as well as Freedom of Religion (in the first amendment), in case you forgot. Just because our government doesn’t have the right to do things in the name of God and because ALL religions, as long as they do not harm others, are accepted, doesn’t mean that the US shuns religion.

    And the presidential nominee doesn’t really pick his own VP, the decision is made by the party in order to reach the most voters.

    As for Obama’s nomination being a guarantee for McCain, I hope you’re wrong. I don’t want another President Bush and McCain wants to not only continue the war in Iraq but expand it to Iran!!! Enough white rich men in office, let’s have some real changes.

    Just because someone doesn’t have as much experience, doesn’t mean they won’t be a good president. Look at JFK– one of our youngest presidents and one of the most beloved! I can’t wait to vote for Obama, no matter who he runs with.

  25. Passerby says

    If Obama chooses Hillary for his running mate, I don’t know…I just can’t see the two of them getting along.

  26. Hilary Obama says

    Hilary should marry Barack. that would be so fab
    also Obama is half white, so he would not be the first black pres really, more like first biracial pres.
    Denise Richards dadd should take care of this. Denise Richards DADD knows it all. ddadd.
    MCCAIN O8!!!!

  27. Passerby says

    MCCAIN 08
    ~sorry i would NEVER vote for someone who cant even have the decany to put his HAND ON HIS HEART DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!

  28. gisela says

    Obama’s nomination is a sure win for John McCain. There is no way this racist country,the USA will vote a black man into office. The racist whites will make sure Obama never becomes president. Even though blacks can vote, can become doctors, lawyers, teachers and ride infront of the bus this country still harbors alot of racism againts black people. The only difference now, is that the racist white pigs hide it. Back then the whites flaunt it, and made laws againts blacks. The democratic party just handle John McCain the White House, prepare for four more years of Bush Sh*t again.

  29. LaurenLovesNick says

    I wouldnt vote for Obama if Hilary was his VP.. She is a shady dirty politic and she shouldnt have even a VP worth of power.

  30. Passerby says

    i dont think this has been confirmed – at least CNN is not saying so. its says shes considering it.

  31. Passerby says

    No, No, No!! Hillary is a bully and Obama would have to hire a poison-checker. Bill Clinton is the second deadly poison. Hillary, piss off.

  32. Passerby says

    I truly hope this is not the case. Hillary seems too proud and power-hungry to lower herself to the position of VP.

  33. Passerby says

    i agree, but she may run with him just to get her foot in the white house door and prove herself and then run again in 4 or 8 years.

  34. Passerby says

    This is not true…and, frankly, I’m glad about it…The presidential nominee should have the opportunity to pick his (or her) vice-presidential candidate rather than having their opponent force the issue.

  35. so annoying.... says

    You sound like a complete FOOL!!!
    Its people like you that cry the “racist card” that are just crying for attention. The only racist people are people like you. There would be NO racism is people jsut saw people as a person not a color! There are “African American Scholarships” “Latino Scholarships” there are absolutely NO “White or Cacasion scholarships.” So dont you dare play the woo is me racist card you stupid ignornant idiot! You are “racist” because you keep bringing it up! Why dont you see people for PEOPLE not a color!
    Just shut up!

  36. so annoying.... says

    If you think this country is “so racist” I sure as hell hope you dont live here! You are a moron!

  37. Passerby says

    bitch open your eyes, do you really think all the racist southern folk, the same ones who voted your idol Bush into office are going to want a black president? open your eyes you stupid cvnt!! so annoying…your name fits you right!!

  38. so annoying.... says

    It is so sad that this country is filled with ignorant one minded people such as yourself! God Bless you!