So You Think You Can Dance

Whenever I watch this show, I am ready to start taking dancing lessons. It’s taking everything in me to not start stretching on the floor (as if my body has any hope of doing what these people do). LOVE this show. More than Idol or any other reality show at the moment.


LA Readers – Free Hot Dogs At Pinks Thanks To Tori And Dean

They’re back for Season 3 of their show on Oxygen “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” (premiering June 17) and there are a ton of events going on in LA right now to celebrate. One of them is FREE HOT DOGS FROM PINKS. So if you always wanted to try out those famous dogs, now is the time! This week only.

Charlie Sheen Said WHAT?

Now this isn’t very nice. I mean… Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards still have children together. Eventually, his children will be able to read and understand this feud. Terrible statement.


"I was telling a couple of friends last night that this feels like my first real marriage.The first one was a show, the second one was a con, and this one is the real deal."

Christina Aguilera Defends Partying


“I spend all day with my son and once in a while if I want to go out and have a mommy-daddy night with my husband, I am more than allowed to do that.”

Christina Aguilera on the negative attention she is getting about going out with Jordan

“They never air [footage] of the paparazzi actually pulling up beside my husband and being like, ‘When is she going to leave the house? I have been trying to get a picture of her for weeks. Everybody has an opinion and everybody sometimes wants to cause drama and be mean spirited, but it’s something that comes with what you do and I learned that very early on.”

— on blogs saying that she is a party girl

Lindsay Lohan Yells At The Paparazzi

This video is looong. But I had to post because of one scene. A photographer was trying to give Lindsay Lohan a flower and eventually shoved it into her car. Lindsay took the flower and threw it on the floor. Then the car starts to move and runs over the flower destroying it. A videographer closes in on the crushed flower on the floor as the car rides away.

And scene…

Virtual Bookshelf Shelfari

You ever wish you kept a list of books you ever read? You CAN! For FREE! and check others shelves, and network your addy book and invite others. I love this site, I am working on getting my favorites up, then I will try to keep up with new reads, favorites or not. for mine.

Afternoon Links

Julia Stiles does lunch with a friend and then goes for a stroll. Everytime I see pictures of her I get an overwhelming urge to watch Save the Last Dance. :)

Check out what my cyber friends are writing about.

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Photos by Bauer Griffin