Charlie Sheen Said WHAT?

Now this isn’t very nice. I mean… Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards still have children together. Eventually, his children will be able to read and understand this feud. Terrible statement.


"I was telling a couple of friends last night that this feels like my first real marriage.The first one was a show, the second one was a con, and this one is the real deal."




  1. lizzy says

    stupid is what stupid says……i know….i’ve been there
    p.s. better he said it than he wrote it

  2. supia says

    he is stupid for talking about this personal life of his so publicly.that is prob why his marriage wit denise fell apart too…i think they should both shut up.
    but especially denise.i mean , really? is a so-called ‘reality tv’ show gonna make lif more easier for u?.
    one day she’ll make a mistake in talking about or doing something and the whole world will be there to see it.and the only reason for that is denise for making a reality tv program bout herself.such pity…

  3. Passerby says

    He think he’s hurting Denise, but he’s actually hurting his poor children. What a hateful, disgusting, pathetic pig he is. No wonder Denise acting crazy.

  4. momster says

    Those poor, poor girls! I agree with those that say they both (the parents) both need to grow up and SHUT up!

  5. Amy says

    It’s one thing to say it to your new wife, but quite another to say it to the tabloids. Charlie and Denise both need to shut their traps. I feel sorry for the kids being in the middle of that battle.

  6. Passerby says

    What an awful thing to say!!!….I feel so sorry for those kids with denisse and charlie as parents… Parents, even after divorce, should let their children know they came out of love…

  7. iowa girl says

    after a painful, nasty divorce its amazing the things you catch yourself saying without thinking.

    I still like Charlie far better than Denise. I think Denise going on the Today Show saying he had “Tranny infested sperm” is just as bad if not worse. It’s going to be a tennis match with slams for a while with these two i think

  8. WhatEVeR says

    The BOTH of them NEED to GROW up and SHUT up!! And his new wife is NO BETTER than either of them!! They need to start acting CIVILIZED to one another for the CHILDREN’S sake!! Also, IF I was CHARLIE, I would keep a watchful eye on his new wife around the girls. I wouldn’t trust her (with her hating their mother as much as she does) around them and the fact that she supposely wants to add more children to the pot in the middle of all this drama going on….

  9. Missy Fussy says

    What a way to talk about your childrens’ mother. And vice versa for that matter. God why doesn’t this douche quit planting his seed in these women just to rip them a new one while the kid is still in diapers. And now he says he wants to get this one pregnant. He is vile. They are all vile. And if this latest chippy thinks things are going to turn out any differently for her…

  10. Passerby says

    I hope they are both setting aside lots and lots of money that their daughters will need for therapy and rehab in the future. They will grow and and be able to access all of these disgusting, hurtful things these idiots are saying about one another in the press and don’t think there won’t be repercussions. Poor girls. Denise and Charlie need to grow up and shut the f*ck up. Pronto.

  11. Kimm says

    From what I read he DIDN’T say it to the tabloids, he said it at his wedding as a toast or something. IF that really is the case then shame on whoever told the tabloids. It was a personal event, he should be able to say what he feels among family and friends =)

    But I do totally agree that they BOTH need to stop talking to the press about it. Those poor kids will read all of this when they got older, that is who is going to get hurt.

  12. kiki says

    this guy is repulsive beyond belief. it is so obvious he is trying to get a reaction out of denise. she should take the high road on this one and just ignore his stupid a$$. i doubt it though. this marriage will end the same as all the other ones. live it up now brooke because it will be over before you know it. jus hope you’re not stupid enough to get knocked up by him. but, then again…..i think that’s your plan.

  13. Ashes22 says

    Denise and Charlie BOTH need to grow up a little and watch what they say. My parents divorced when I was young, about 4, and even though I didn’t realize what some of those things they said really meant then, looking back, I know what they mean now. I can only imagine what it would be like to actually have the things said in papers and magazines. Its really selfish for both of them and will ultimately hurt the child.

    Oh, and even though the kids may not understand what’s being said, I’m sure they feel the hostility and anger that is between Denise and Charlie.

  14. CapturingLife says

    They are both very immature and spiteful. They should have to do some sort of counseling with a court counselor – someone to lay out what they should/shouldn’t be doing/saying about one another. This constant bashing just makes them both look so petty and ridiculous. They need to remember they created two little lives together. What they say and do will be so detremental to these poor girls when they are older. :(

  15. Passerby says

    They are both immature and need to grow up and shut up. They obviously broke up because they are too much alike. Charlie cannot be satisfied with one woman and this marriage will fail as well. He has a reputation of being with many, many prostitutes. Any woman who would get involved with this type of man is asking for what she gets. Especially when they have children with him.

  16. Sheila says

    I love their matching Too be Free sweatshirts…how cute…he is just an idiot.. I like Denise after watching her show…I think she is funny

  17. Melany0 says

    I thought the same. I mean he married them. I guess he once thought they were the real deal too. Why else would you marry someone?