Lindsay Lohan Yells At The Paparazzi

This video is looong. But I had to post because of one scene. A photographer was trying to give Lindsay Lohan a flower and eventually shoved it into her car. Lindsay took the flower and threw it on the floor. Then the car starts to move and runs over the flower destroying it. A videographer closes in on the crushed flower on the floor as the car rides away.

And scene…




  1. Lili says

    I think everybody would have reacted the same. I mean the paparazzi are completley insane she can’t even move.

  2. naidine says

    aghh shame i realy feel for her.we always think that celebrity life is a bed of reses.but if you have to go through that almost evert time you go some where.then i’m realy glad i’m living a normal life.

  3. Passerby says

    oh please, she was loving the attention! Isn’t that why she moved to LA in the first place?

  4. Passerby says

    if she didnt like the attention (which we all know she does) she could easily move into another NON PAPARATZZI STATE!
    she is so gross! a freckled mutant! haha