Candy Spelling Wins $180,000 At Slot Machines

How is this fair?!? Candy Spelling won $180,000 dollars at the slot machines at the Bellagio this past weekend.

The woman is already worth $600 million on her own, she doesn’t need the help of a casino to get rich. Also, last year, she won $200,000 at the Bellagio as well….hmmmm, I’m thinking Candy must have been some kind of a saint in a past life!




  1. Kristiopal says

    If you’d read Tori’s book – you’d probably feel different about her – since this post is about her Mother, I think as the first person said, she probably put a lot of $ into that machine before it paid out. What good is money when you don’t have anything else in your life? Enjoy it Candy.

  2. Mandi Lou says

    That’s kind of like having six days to live and winning the lottery! LOL
    I always think, what’s the point in gambling when you already have so much money? I think about all the money she gambled away to win “big money” she already had to begin with and wonder why asshats like that are given so much when so many people have so little? Asshat may be a tad strong…
    mentally challenged with a bank account fits her better.

  3. xy mom says

    I found it. She won $200,000 on a high roller slot machine last year. Don’t high rollers have to spend $500,000 grand in the casino? Anyone? it probably depends on the casino huh

  4. WTF says

    I thought I read it was $1,000 slot. If the max was $3,000 a pull, of course you’d win big.

  5. Passerby says

    It’s good that the money goes to people who deserve it and need it. Poor Candy. She was probably wasting away from starvation before that!

  6. Passerby says

    lol i know! oh and candy its so generous of you to donate the money to charity,. oh wait you just kept it for Your FAT self!

  7. Elaine says

    I don’t know if any of you read the story she wrote for the Huffington Post a while back but what a b*tch she is.
    She’s a horrible lady.

  8. Jennifer says

    Understand something… She isn’t like you or me who put in $20 and win $180k she likely spent about $300k to get that. Those people don’t play the damn nickel slots, they’re into the $5 slots and maxing their bet so don’t read too much into it.

  9. Passerby says

    This is karma for Tori…ugly face Tori has to pimp her family out in reality shows to make money, while her rich mother wins money…ha ha ha ugly face, cheating ugly Tori.