Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson’s Relationship Is A Trust Thing

I totally get this. Cory Kennedy makes a valid point when she says that her friend Lindsay Lohan is in a relationship with Samantha Ronson because she’s one of the few people she knows she can truly trust.

"Lindsay just feels safe with her. I just feel like they have a very loyal and trustworthy relationship,
which is really hard to come across in the world that Lindsay’s in.
It’s a trust thing."

Makes sense to me…stars have so many people that are just trying to get a foot in the door of the inner circle…if you find someone you can really count on, why not keep them around?

And just for fun, I checked IMDb to see if Lindsay is working on anything new…and she is! Her next project is called Labor Pains and it sounds funny!

A young woman to pretends to be pregnant in order to avoid being fired
from her job. When that gets her a bunch of special treatment by
everyone involved in her life, her character tries to keep up the lie
for nine months.

Sounds like something I’d definitely watch, what about you?




  1. Passerby says

    Who is this Samantha Ronson? I never even heard of her before now. And why do people care so much that it’s a lesbian relationship? In a world where we are supposed to be open-minded, we really are judging a little too critically and, I think, caring too much. What if one of us decided to become gay, would anyone care? NO! People give “celebrities too much attention. They’re just people who are way overpaid for doing hardly anything at all. How do they help people? They don’t. Nurses, teachers, therapists, etc. They are the people who serve their community, make a difference, give children positive influences, and have to actually pay out a lot of money to schools in order to get them the degrees to allow them to do these jobs for which they get paid so little they can barely afford to live in a tiny apartment on the wrong side of town. Why should someone who can’t even spell be able to make millions for being a complete wreck. They are worthless to the human race.

  2. nickj says

    Where did she get those boots? A box in the attic? Such a clean, healthy, and well kept individual……She looks like “Cousin Eddie” from “Vacation”….

  3. Passerby says

    It sounds like it would be a funny movie to watch. Lindsay could pull it off, she was very good in Mean Girls.

  4. Ashes22 says

    It does sound cute, but I won’t see it. If someone else was the lead, then I’d definitely make an effort to see it, but because I really dislike LiLo, I won’t. It may be childish and immature, but I’d be sitting in the theater watching the movie just thinking how much I dislike her and really can’t stand her.

  5. ashleyyy says

    Id go see it, id probably have to see the previews first to see if she sucks at acting in this one.

  6. lis says

    I look forward to seeing her in a project! She’s been on a rough road lately, particularly in her career…

  7. JMoski says

    The movie sounds good I will most definitely watch – I think she’s a good actress – I liked her in Mean Girls and I just saw Georgia Rule the other night and thought it was great.

  8. Passerby says

    I will go see it. I keep hoping everything turns out okay for Lindsay. It seems like almost all the child stars have problems as they get older – and that is without coming from the dysfunctional family that she seems to come from. She’s a baby – what is she – 21? People are so mean and judgmental. Well, except for you Vera. You’re a sweetheart.