Geri Halliwell Threatened By A Stalker

Scary! I hate hearing about these celeb stalker stories…especially when they involve children. :( Geri Halliwell was attending the Glamour Awards when woman stalking her somehow managed to get past security guards.

Geri Halliwell’s night at the Glamour Awards was marred when a woman hurled abuse and threats about her and her baby daughter.

According to The London Paper the woman posed as a competition
winner to gain entry to the celebrity event in London’s Berkeley

However security guards were on the scene within minutes and the woman was later escorted from the venue by police.

Although it was a pretty minor event, thank goodness no one was hurt! I know we sometimes laugh at how it seems like some celebs have more security than the president himself, but it’s cases like these that make that necessary.


Photo by WENN





  1. annielovesfred says

    Good Grief – sticks and stones – i know. but saying stuff about her baby? thats a bit brutel and crazy. that must be even more scary and hurtful! and i don’t even like kids!