ooops forgot something

Forgot to mention that we are parents of a rising 4th grader (boy) who was introduced early on to moving– we PCS’d when he was 11 days old!!!

Hey all!

Just wanted so say hey to any other military families out there!

I’m Kath, and my hubby is career Air Force. He’s been in for 18.5 years, and we’re getting ready to do our every 3 year move (again!)

I actually can’t wait for this move, as we’re going back to our previous duty station again– Robins, AFB, GA. Right now we’re at Tyndall, AFB, FL–I’m ready to get out Spring Break Central (Panama City, FL)

Anyway, hope to see more members soon!

I just wanted to say that I bought a pair of shoes from You had it on your website not long ago. AND…… totally impressed. I usually buy stuff from bluefly and revolve and then I am broke for MONTHS but these shoes were $21.99!!! AND they were so cheap that I didn’t have to pay customs(I live in Canada) so the $10 shipping was no big deal. The shoes were good quality (for $21.99) and look JUST like the picture. not a cheap ass version of. It is a great site. Oh…one tip – order a 1/2 size up from what you think you are.

Summertime with Kids

I would love to hear what everyone plans on doing while the kids are home for the Summer.

My Latest Obsession: Lauren Conrad’s High Waisted Skirt … As A Dress

It’s taken a while, but I’ve fallen deeply in love with Lauren Conrad’s high-waisted poof skirts. They’re chic, simple & perfect for summer, but with this look you MUST tuck your shirt in … or (due to the poof & pleats) you create a ‘reverse-spanx‘ affect & ADD10lbs to your hips:

And this is where my trouble starts because I’m NOT a ‘tucker‘ — the top always bags too much (don’t get me started on bodysuits), & within minutes the bottom-of-the-top starts riding up & bunching under the waistband which is annoying, not to mention sweaty in the summer.
So to get the look I love,I found the Abbey Two Tone Ballet Dress which looks like the skirt with a tank-top tucked in, but offers the sleek fit & feel of one piece … & for $47 at LuLu’s it’s a huge markdown from the skirt alone:

And if you really want to snag LC’s skirt, keep your eyes peeled for the debut of her Fall line atShop Lauren Conrad.

Celeb Basics: Alternative Apparel

If you loveLNA’s look but don’t love paying $50+ for a t-shirt,Alternative Apparel is your solution!Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Olsen,Hayden Panetierre,Carrie Underwood,Angelina Jolie & Heidi Klumhave all been rocking theiramazing collection of tees, tunics, dresses & wraps .. andBoutique to You has a great collection:

Alternative Apparel Sheer V-Neck Teeavailable in black, slate, navy & white for $18:

Alternative Apparel Basic Cap Sleeve Crewin white for $22:

Alternative Apparel Basic Crewavailable in black, brown & white for $24:

Alternative Apparel Gauze Tankavailable in eggshell & charcoal, one size fits all, for $21:

Alternative Apparel Burnout Tankavailable in white & washed black for $26:

Alternative Apparel Benetar Trapeze Dress in green or black for $30:

And the new Alternative Apparel Stevie Wrapin white for $28:

And to check out all Alternative Apparel items, CLICK HERE!

Renee Zellweger And Chris Noth To Work Together

Well, isn’t this exciting casting news. Renee Zellweger and Chris Noth have both signed on for the same movie. Renee specifically requested Chris to be her love interest as she felt he was the perfect fit. Here is the breakdown –

Renee plays a woman looking for a wealthy man to support her family.

Chris plays that wealthy man.

A 1950s-set comedy in which the glamorous Anne Deveraux (Zellweger)
embarks on a drive down the Eastern Seaboard in a quixotic search for a
wealthy man to fund a new life for her and her sons

I really enjoy Chris as an actor and am so excited to see him landing more lead roles on the big screen. Hopefully, the SATC movie has kicked up his career a notch. (Yes, I sounded like Emeril right there)

My One and Only is due out in 2009.