My Latest Obsession: Lauren Conrad’s High Waisted Skirt … As A Dress

It’s taken a while, but I’ve fallen deeply in love with Lauren Conrad’s high-waisted poof skirts. They’re chic, simple & perfect for summer, but with this look you MUST tuck your shirt in … or (due to the poof & pleats) you create a ‘reverse-spanx‘ affect & ADD10lbs to your hips:

And this is where my trouble starts because I’m NOT a ‘tucker‘ — the top always bags too much (don’t get me started on bodysuits), & within minutes the bottom-of-the-top starts riding up & bunching under the waistband which is annoying, not to mention sweaty in the summer.
So to get the look I love,I found the Abbey Two Tone Ballet Dress which looks like the skirt with a tank-top tucked in, but offers the sleek fit & feel of one piece … & for $47 at LuLu’s it’s a huge markdown from the skirt alone:

And if you really want to snag LC’s skirt, keep your eyes peeled for the debut of her Fall line atShop Lauren Conrad.