Snoop Dogg Learned A Lot From Selling Crack

"A lot of people like to fool you and say that you’re not smart if you
never went to college, but common sense rules over everything. That’s
what I learned from selling crack"

Snoop Dogg

Photo by WENN




  1. Passerby says

    whether this is a true or false, right or wrong statement depends on the reader I grew up in what most would consider the “hood” and I did alot of things wrong such as: selling crack, however I am in college to recieve a BA in business management now COMMON SENSE means more than my edu, simply because if I had no common sense college would not have even been a thought/priority in my mind I knew with the circumstances I faced college was the only SMART option of me ever being a successful black man, and being proud of myself

  2. maggie says

    Just because you’re uneducated doesn’t mean you’re stupid. It’s all depend where you are in life and what you do. I know lots of people who are very successful that does not have a degree and I know a lot of people who do have a college degree but they’re struggling financially and some can’t even keep a job. Now I’m not saying nobody should go to college or anything, just try not to be so judgemental. I agree partically of what he said, but not the drug part of course.

  3. Passerby says

    Snoop loves controversy. I’m sure he wouldn’t want his kids to sell drugs. His statement is so irresponsible. Fortunately he’s not as influential as he used to be in his prime — in other words nobody cares about what he thinks. lol

  4. Passerby says

    Re Monica: He sold crack but never hurt anyone? Making money out of selling hard-core drugs to others and fueling their addictions is common sense? He is disgusting. He’s been denied entry into two other countries, being the UK and Australia because he is deemed an “undesirable person”. Tonight when my two boys come home from University (one at post-grad. level), I’ll tell them they’re wasting their time and should be out on the streets selling illegal, addictive drugs. After all, it’s only common sense!

  5. Monica says

    For your information I am going into fourth year university, and I NEVER mentioned anything about education. I never said education was a waste of time. If it was, I wouldn’t be IN UNIVERSITY. I said COMMON SENSE IS IMPORTANT. Read what I wrote before commenting on “what I said.” Selling crack itself doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s the people who buy it are the ones who are HURTING THEMSELVES. You can’t blame anyone but yourself for your own behaviour. So are obsese people going to blame McDonald’s for making them obese and hurting them because their health is failing? I don’t think so… That’s pretty much common sense right there. One more thing, I never advocated to go out and sell drugs. I commented on the fact that common sense is important. You obviously have lack of common sense, which thus proves my point that it is important or you’ll just look silly!

  6. naidine says

    people i think they are not realy reading with understanding what snoop says.collage sometimes doese not provide you with common sense and teaches you the difficulty out there and how to deal with it in the real world except if you do experiance it, then that’s when you have an understanding of it only equips you with the proffessional knowladge you need to make it to the corporate he only got that experiance of a hard knock life through selling drugs and now he knows better.

  7. Miss_M says

    Common sense… ah, that’s a rarity these days! Now it’s all about being politically correct and health & safety… at least here in the UK!

  8. No Words says

    I don’t agree with him at all. So now the smartest people out there are selling crack? BS. It’s so annoying when people try to justifiy selling crack. Get your lazy a**es of the streets and get a real job.

  9. No Words says

    And another thing you do NOT have to live a hard knock life to have common sense. A very ignorant person told me this. I was raised in the suburds and he was not so he thought he had more sense than me. But he was also the person that came up with the idea that light-skinned poeple have more allergies than darker-skinned people. Some common sense. IGNORANCE!

  10. Mr. T says

    Anyone that names themselves after a domestic pet does not strike me as the sharpest tool in the shed. Street smarts does not equate to intelligence. Street smarts is survival on a basic level. Street smarts does not equate to morals, ethics, fairness or intelligence. If I had to be stranded on an island with a street smart snoop dog or a person who put themselves through college, guess who’d I’d feel safe with?

  11. Passerby says

    Mr T,
    I was not fortunate enough to finish college due to personal health issues. I am intelligent enough to know that your statement contains a grammatical impairment; a hanging preposition.
    I think common sense is far more important than “book smarts”. A balance between the two is ideal. I am not advocating drug sale or use, but the idea that we need a college education to be someone is ridiculous. That is systematized education. The school of earth, our daily struggles and of what we do with the lessons, is why we are here.

  12. melissa22 says

    Did someone really say that ‘Street smart is survival on a BASIC LEVEL’. SERIOUSLY. You are delusional. 100% delusional. Street smart/common sense are FAR from BASIC. Holy shit I cant believe I am even entertaining this right now but that shit really pisses me off. Going to college for 4 years on someone else tab is BASIC, sitting in an office doing some STUPID JOB THAT YOU HATE TO PAY THE BILLS is BASIC. Knowing some stupid math that you will NEVER use in life is BASIC. Having a degree in something totally irrelevant cuz you were not smart enough to become a Lawyer or a Doctor is BASIC.
    Until you have street smarts AND common sense you are useless as the next sheltered individual with a ‘college degree’. The lethal combination is STREET SMARTS and a formal education but at the end of the day if you are quick witted with common sense and life experience you will over stand anything.
    But then again you cant rationalize with irrational people who have never had to struggle. YOU obviously have no idea what the REAL WORLD is about.

  13. Passerby says

    You just completely made my day with that eloquent and honest statement to Mr.T (delusional). I was the one who wrote just after he, explaining that I did not finish college, but I have a lot of common sense coupled with some University level education. I agree completely with you and your statement validated my feelings and thoughts, too. It was not my fault I became really sick all through high school and college, only to have to take care of family members with Cancer, and a family business to boot. I didn’t have a chance in hell finishing my studies. I also lived out on my own and worked full time while attending college. Let’s just say that the experience taught me a lot about how strong I am as a person, when I thought the opposite during that time. I wish I were one of the fortunate ones that had Mom and Dad pay for college, food, boarding, etc., so that I could have focused on my studies alone. Although I am 30 now, I know a lot about myself and my capabilities.

  14. Anonymous says

    you guys are dumb hope you realize that snoop dogg went to a private school as a kid and his parents were rich. i like him but sad to say hes a phony.

  15. Anonymous says

    Calm down. He isn’t saying going to college is pointless or anything. He’s just saying NOT going doesn’t make you an idiot.

  16. Anonymous says

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  17. Monica says

    That’s a true quote right there. Common sense can say a lot more than a college degree, AND it is a lot more useful in day-to-day life.

  18. Monkey Joystick says

    I think he has a point. Unfortunately, there are alot of people out there that struggle every day. They live a hard life and they go to the “school of hard knocks”. I know people who are book smart but they always find themselves in a pickle because they have no common sense.

  19. a.p. says

    i, too, have to agree with what he said. while i don’t advocate or excuse drug dealing, i do think that “successful” drug dealers are the smartest businessmen out there. sad but true.

  20. Shel says

    He is right- street smarts are an intangible and important thing.
    Whether you learn about life from selling crack or not, there’s something to be said about about being wise to the ways of the world.

  21. Ellie says

    Just goes to show you that uneducated drug dealers can become filthy rich and rule the world. So sad.

  22. Monica says

    I wouldn’t say that he rules the world. I don’t know any drug dealer that does. And he doesn’t do it anymore. He never hurt anyone. He’s probably a very wise man, educated or not.

  23. Passerby says

    selling crack provides you with common sense? why don’t they encourage 9 year olds to sell crack instead of girl guides cookies?

    give me a break. there’s no relationship between going to college and common sense. as such, you can’t say common sense substitutes for college. college isn’t meant to teach you common sense. that’s your fucking parents job.

  24. Passerby says

    selling crack provides you with common sense? why don’t they encourage 9 year olds to sell crack instead of girl guides cookies?

    give me a break. there’s no relationship between going to college and common sense. as such, you can’t say common sense substitutes for college. college isn’t meant to teach you common sense. that’s your fucking parents job.

  25. passerby says

    sounds like what a highschool dropout would say.. i think ppl need both types of education… snoop doesn’t know what he’s missing because he’s never been to college… honestly i don’t regret going to college at all… it too is a valuable learning experience

  26. Anonymous says

    You don’t know what you’ve have been misssingsince you’ve gone to college. If a person doesn’t want to be a doctor, lawyer or something like that, they’re wasting their time in college, dumbass.