Moving day is coming…

Ok, so now I’m realizing, we’re moving a month from *THIS* Friday. Our house down here is still on the market, so we’ll be living on base. Surprisingly enough, we’ve never lived on base!

I know that things have changed on base since we’ve been married, ie the housing at Robins, AFB is now contracted out, so we’re *basically* going to be renting. But (have to whine for a moment) I don’t wanna live on base!!!!

I have copies of the orders, the power of attorney, everything for the partial DITY (do it yourself) move separated, the cats’ and dog’s vaccination records, and feel pretty much on track, but there is still the nagging feeling that I’m missing something. It’s driving me mad!

My Insane Fear Of Tunnels

Every single time I have to ride through a tunnel I basically calculate whether or not I will make it should an explosion occur. Is this NORMAL?

It’s start out very calmly. Then I get into a panic because I know I won’t make it out if I get stuck in the middle. My eyes start to tear up. I think of all the things I should have told my children before I left home. It gets bad. And finally I ease up again once I know I am close to the end.

I actually have to count things to make me not focus on my inevitable death. So I choose dividers until I see light again coming from the outside. Once I feel I can survive the crash, I stop counting and look for my EZ Pass like nothing has happened. People around me just see me as another car on the road. They have NO IDEA what I just went through.

Don’t get me started on bridges…

Afternoon Links

Kate Moss does a little afternoon shopping. I’m assuming that’s her daughter Lila with her, but the photo agency has the kids’ faces blurred out so you can’t tell 100%.

Check out what my cyber friends are writing about.

Lisa Marie Presley’s baby bump is growing by the day! (Popeater)

What do you think about that Donald Trump combover? (Polls Boutique)

Who would write to Nick Hogan in prison…of course she would. (Wrestling News Desk)

There aren’t enough older men worthy of Jane Fonda. (Celebitchy)

Kendra Wilkinson gave Hef a classy present for his birthday. (Derek Hail)

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have an intimate moment. (Ninjadude)

Keira Knightley could be doing the remake of My Fair Lady. (In Case You Didn’t Know)

That does not even look like a baby bump on Eva Longoria Parker! (Mollygood)

The Golden Girls reunite! (Popbytes)

Lindsay Lohanand those weird shoes again…(Grumpiest)

Salma Hayek might be tying the knot soon. (Lossip)

Kate Hudson looks so cute on the early show! (Popoholic)


Photos by Bauer Griffin

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Jessica Simpson Is Never Going Back To Pop Music

Country music fans, whether you love her or you hate her, Jessica Simpson is here to stay! When asked on why people are so against the idea of her singing country she responded,

“I think just because my name
is attached to it. Or maybe they thought that I was just trying to
stomp on their ground for a little bit and see what I could do, and
then just go back and make another pop record. But I’m planning on
making country for the rest of my life, and I don’t want to go back to
that other world.”


She’s also very proud of the new album.

“It’s a spiritual thing for me,
like ‘I know God has a plan and a purpose.’ For the first time in my
life, I take a lot of pride in my talent and in the record I was able
to put together. With the writers, I felt comfortable opening up,
because the only way this opportunity was going to be a great one was
to be honest with myself and with them. If I want to be singing it for
the rest of my life onstage, I want it to be honest.”

American Idol contestants, Jewel, and even Bon Jovi have all found some level of success within the genre so it seems like country music fans are a pretty open-minded bunch…unless it comes to the Dixie Chicks, of course. :)


Madonna Hiring Paul McCartney’s Divorce Lawyer

More divorce rumors for Madonna and Guy Ritchie. According to Holy Moly gossip blog, Madonna has a divorce lawyer on standby and ready to start the proceedings. The lawyer she has hired is the same one who sorted out Paul McCartney and Heather Mills’ case.

"Suggestions made seem to indicate that, surprisingly, Madonna and Guy do NOT
have a pre-nup in place, leaving Guy in line to walk away with up to
half of Madge’s fortune…Having said that, Madonna is theoretically entitled to half of Guy’s fortune too."

The only word on why the couple wants to split is that they are "growing apart." If the divorce rumors are true I just hope they keep things clean, for the kids’ sake.

I also have a hard time believing that a business woman as savvy as Madonna wouldn’t have asked Guy to sign a prenup.

Kate Hudson’s ballet flats/sandals

I know Melanie just did the fashion find for Kate’s juicy couture dress, but what I am really coveting are her ballet flat/sandals! they look like a wide open toe flat. Must have them! Thanks for helping

Kate Moss Angry At Sienna Miller Over Rhys Ifans Split

Why so much bad blood between these two? Sometimes I wonder if any of it’s real of if the media is just inventing a Kate Moss/Sienna Miller rivalry to keep us entertained. That being said, I’ve learned that the saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” is often true in this biz.

Anyways, Sienna reportedly broke up with Rhys Ifans by phone and now she won’t answer his calls. He’s drowning his sorry in alcohol and as one of his closest friends, Kate is extremely upset about the way the breakup was handled.

Rhys is probably Kate’s best male friend. In fact, she’s as close to him as a sister and she’s very protective
of him because she knows his vulnerabilities. Kate’s not someone you’d want on the opposing team. She’s a formidable woman and very loyal when it comes to her friends.”

She’s gone so far as to let him live with her for a while!

“Kate has taken Rhys in and told him he can stay at her place for as long as he wants. He’s in a bad way and she’s really angry at Sienna, even though she knew she’d never stay with Rhys.”

If these two had a show down, who do you think would win the battle of skinny blonds? I’m just asking. :)

Photos by Bauer Griffin