Jessica Simpson Is Never Going Back To Pop Music

Country music fans, whether you love her or you hate her, Jessica Simpson is here to stay! When asked on why people are so against the idea of her singing country she responded,

“I think just because my name
is attached to it. Or maybe they thought that I was just trying to
stomp on their ground for a little bit and see what I could do, and
then just go back and make another pop record. But I’m planning on
making country for the rest of my life, and I don’t want to go back to
that other world.”


She’s also very proud of the new album.

“It’s a spiritual thing for me,
like ‘I know God has a plan and a purpose.’ For the first time in my
life, I take a lot of pride in my talent and in the record I was able
to put together. With the writers, I felt comfortable opening up,
because the only way this opportunity was going to be a great one was
to be honest with myself and with them. If I want to be singing it for
the rest of my life onstage, I want it to be honest.”

American Idol contestants, Jewel, and even Bon Jovi have all found some level of success within the genre so it seems like country music fans are a pretty open-minded bunch…unless it comes to the Dixie Chicks, of course. :)





  1. Passerby says

    What a load of trumped up hype. I wonder how many times she rehearsed this garbage with her publicist before she was let loose? Singing country music is God’s plan for her? Her reasons are spiritual? Plllleeeaaaassse…… I agree with you, Mr T, her next message from God will be what sells when this latest foray dries up. As for the photo, it makes me want to puke. Wasn’t it only a few years ago she got paid for walking around with her ass hanging out of her shorts? Oh, but now she’s found God…

  2. Grace says

    ChicksWithDicks… Oh I mean DixieChicks are a bunch of redneck retards and need to be used as human shields in Iraq.

  3. Just Passing By says

    Maybe she is in the right genre now. She could write some true-to-life songs and here are some titles she should use:

    1. My dad is a preacher, but also my pimp.
    2. My sister’s husband wears more makeup than she does.
    3. Dumped again.
    4. My daddy likes my big boobs.
    5. I dream of Chicken of the Sea.
    6. There are tears in my fake hair.

  4. Brian says

    The girl’s pretty, you got to admit it. She and Nick were good together, now he’s with that mesmerizing Scorpio. Those Scorpio women ALWAYS get the man they want. A list…
    – Vanessa Minillo
    – Julia Roberts
    – Anne Hathaway
    – Meg Ryan
    – Calista Flockhart
    Beware those bewitching women…

  5. anniedawg25 says

    nice Dixie Chicks reference…..I love them!

    For some reason, I get the feeling country music suits her, and probably always has. She’s from Texas after all. I just get a BIG feeling she came around when pop was….well, popular! She was probably shoved in that genre by her dad, record execs, magagers, record labels, etc because that’s what was making $$$ at the time.

    Now look…country is what’s popular (Carrie Underwood, Kelly Pickler, etc) and she’s getting in on that now. But like I said, I have a feeling she was more country all along. I thought her pop stuff sucked anyway.

    But, I still can’t get over Jewel being country now. She’s kind of an honorary Texan I guess, she lives in Ty Murray’s ranch somewhere out there . It’s got to rub off on you after a while. I still like her though.

  6. Passerby says

    The most well-known red-neck retard from Texas is your own President Bush! At least the DixieChicks have the guts to tell it how it is. Even if you don’t agree, doesn’t the US pride itself on being the land of free speech? They sure didn’t get treated too well for exercising that right.

  7. Passerby says

    Yes, I would agree, that some people pride themselves on living in the USA where we have free speech. The reason they weren’t ‘treated” well is because we all have free speech, they used theirs to criticize our president and the majority used ours to criticize what dumb bitches they are….that is how free speech works.

  8. Other Karen says

    Well, she tried to get her big break first in gospel before turning to pop, according to her and Papa Joe.

    Country music has the best lyrics. Okay, there’s good music in other genres, but a lot of times the music distracts me from the words, if that makes any sense.

  9. Mr. T says

    Really, she had a visit from God and now she’s doing country music, until the next revelation from God (i.e. whatever sells). Deep thoughts there Jessica. I’d say she came up with this herself except it has pappa joe creepiness all over it.

  10. melissa22 says

    Good for her, she seems so sweet. All she ever talks about is wanting to be happy, I am glad she is doing things to make that happen. Go Jess.

  11. Passerby says

    thank god for small favors i guess. still the world would be better off if she gave up all music

  12. Passerby says

    you know some of you people are special…you are happy for that homewrecker Tori and Dean. Yet, you rag on Jessica, a girl that has not hurt anyone and is just trying to keep her career afloat. Some of you have no priorities or morals.

  13. LaurenLovesNick says

    You know, I didnt want to like her. I am a huge country fan and when Jessica Simpson came out with her song I was like “Oh god, heres another one!” But I must admit I like it, and weither I want to or not I have to say that Country IS her calling! She’s going to make it!

  14. Ellie says

    Ok, I can’t help it… I gotta say this… her teeth annoy the crap out of me. That facial expression is horrible. She should never make that face ever.