Kate Moss Angry At Sienna Miller Over Rhys Ifans Split

Why so much bad blood between these two? Sometimes I wonder if any of it’s real of if the media is just inventing a Kate Moss/Sienna Miller rivalry to keep us entertained. That being said, I’ve learned that the saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” is often true in this biz.

Anyways, Sienna reportedly broke up with Rhys Ifans by phone and now she won’t answer his calls. He’s drowning his sorry in alcohol and as one of his closest friends, Kate is extremely upset about the way the breakup was handled.

Rhys is probably Kate’s best male friend. In fact, she’s as close to him as a sister and she’s very protective
of him because she knows his vulnerabilities. Kate’s not someone you’d want on the opposing team. She’s a formidable woman and very loyal when it comes to her friends.”

She’s gone so far as to let him live with her for a while!

“Kate has taken Rhys in and told him he can stay at her place for as long as he wants. He’s in a bad way and she’s really angry at Sienna, even though she knew she’d never stay with Rhys.”

If these two had a show down, who do you think would win the battle of skinny blonds? I’m just asking. :)

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Passerby says

    LOL..Vera I’m at work I’m trying to hold it down here. My boss was standing right across from me..LOL I like that, battle of the skinny blondes..LOL. I don’t know who would win though, is a tough call.

  2. Kyle says

    Hahahaha, ask your boss if he wants to throw down then tell him you were inspired by INO!


    Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff :)

  3. Mel says

    Please….Kate could kick Sienna’s asz! You know how crazy super-models are. Kate’s probably had lots of practice with Naomi Campbell, too.

  4. iowa girl says

    How can she be mad at her for dumping him? I mean, it was a bad relationship. should Sienna then turn and get mad at Kate for dumping Pete Dohrety (sp?) … Sienna could blame Kate for his relapse. She obviously just doesn’t have good feelings for Sienna anyways, and just wants an excuse to hate her more.

  5. ashleyyy says

    I agree. Thats stupid “if this is true” that kates getting mad at sienna for breaking up with someone. some people arent meant to be together. get over it!

  6. duda says

    Im going with Kate,
    the girl could kick some ass… hell she was with Pete Doherty for a few years.. she could handle anyone

  7. Passerby says


    One; Kate’s got a bit of ghetto (chav) in her and two Sienna seems like a priss. If I were her I’d be afraid of Kate, she looks like she could f-ck a ho up.