Cameron Diaz Getting Cozy With Jennifer Aniston’s Ex

Remember Paul Sculfor? He and Jennifer Aniston had a thing for a while there, but it looks like the new lady in his life is Cameron Diaz. And she isn’t trying to keep her relationship with the hot Brit a secret!

"Cam and Paul were sitting on the patio, leaning in toward each other," one eyewitness tells OK!. "Her body language looked like she was really comfortable with him. She looked genuinely like a girl falling in love."

But, another source is saying that Cam isn’t totally over Justin Timberlake.

"She has been calling him constantly for support after the passing of her father, and it must be driving Jessica Biel nuts."

UGH. Must be so weird to constantly see your ex in the news and magazines with another person. I don’t think I could handle it…

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  1. Passerby says


  2. Monica says

    I was thinking the same thing. He looks like Brad Pitt! It’d be weird to date two men who looked so similar like Jen did.

  3. Passerby says

    to :monica

    what’s so weird about it, may be that’s why jen didn’t continue with it because he reminded her of him, and she didn’t wanted that, she wasn’t looking for guy to look like brad, have you thought about it, why don’t you look it that way which is the correct way.

  4. Mama Mo says

    I believe the part about her dating Jen’s x…I WOULD TOO! He’s a sexy little thang! hahaha

    but the part about Justin I kind of doubt…I dont think she’s that weak of a person, and I dont think she would be that rude to call and X for comfort…

    <3 Mama Mo

  5. Passerby says

    This is what I’m talking about. Vera, it’s people like you that do this to celebs. Why do you have to say “Jen’s ex”. Can’t you just say “Camerion Diaz is dating …” Why do you have to put someone else’s name there. Why didn’t you choose his other exes. Why did it have to be “Jen’s ex”? Your reason is so simple. I’m sure you don’t mean it like that but what I think is you and other journalists and bloggers always wanna put Jen is a “Pitty me situation”. I am sure tabloids are also trying to make sure that there’s a feud between Jen and Cameron. So lame.

  6. Kris says

    My point Lindsay Lohan. Cmeron is a REAL actress. She is also a REAL person who doesn’t need the attention-she just gets it. LOVE HER.

  7. Debby says

    It must be hard for Cameron to see Justin and Jessica in the magazines and blogs all the time. Justin moved on to Jessica quickly after breaking up with Cameron. Any break up is hard, but to have to see it constantly must really suck. I hope Cameron finds true love.

  8. papyrus says

    i dont think cameron is feeling that bad about the break up she always says she doesnt want to get married, she is afraid of commitment. If she calls justin is because he might be a good friend and if she is feeling down about the loss of her dad she might just need someone thats there for her.

  9. Passerby says

    I don’t think Cameron will find true love. Very few women do because they compromise too much initially. Compromise can come later, once a woman is married, has kids, etc. Initially it kills the thrill, gives guys nothing to work for and positions the woman as needy and clingy. See the women who guys run after? Women with a strong sense of self, period.