Cate Blanchett And A Cup Of Joe

Cate Blanchett stepped out of her house for a quick run to a local coffee shop in Double Bay while wearing black sneakers and sweats. She is currently on break in Sydney, Australia spending time with her family.

Better not get too comfortable, Cate has a ton of working coming up.

  1. As Bees in Honey Drown (2009) (announced) (rumored)
  2. North of Cheyenne (2009) (announced) (rumored)
  3. The Dangerous Husband (2009) (announced) (rumored)
  4. The Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) (filming) (voice) …. Mrs. Fox






  1. Passerby says

    It’s amazing how different these “celebs” look without all the preparation that goes into their “official” appearances.

  2. Passerby says

    Cate does not look bad, she is stunning! She gave birth to her 3rd child not too long ago. Give her a break – I wish I looked that “bad”. Beautiful skin, no make-up, casual appropriate clothes and footwear for running errands … not like other celebrities who would have you believe that they just ‘happened’ to get photographed on their way to Starbucks in 4″ heels and full makeup.