Clay Aiken Ready For More Children

An insider told In Touch Weekly that Clay Aiken wants more children. It was always his intention to have several children and the American Idol singer was hoping that Jaymes Foster’s first pregnancy would be twins.

“Clay and Jaymes are committed to ha ving at least two children,” the insider says. “They’re both incredibly successful and wealthy, so money is certainly no object. And he just adores children. He is going to make a wonderful and caring father. There’s no doubt about that.”

The source feels that Clay and Jaymes will most likely try artificial insemination again in March.

“Jaymes is due in August, so she’d like to conceive again next March,”
the insider says. “That way, she would give birth in December 2009.”
The insider adds that Clay and Jaymes were hoping for twins so that
they wouldn’t have to go through the intense procedure for a second

WOW! Imagine twins with your first born barely a year old. I’m getting a panic attack just THINKING about it.




  1. supia says

    i was wondering…why does clay have to do the whole business with the artificial insemination when he can do it the real deal? @.@

  2. Passerby says

    Clay doesn’t want to touch girls, that’s why he can’t do it the actual way. He probably still thinks that girls have cooties… oh that and he is so obviously gay…

  3. Mama Mo says

    I keep wondering about the age thing too! I mean this lady is MY MOM’S age, and I’m GROWN…It seems a little unsafe, and not only that…How are they going to explain their relationship to their kids? Do they just say their friends w/ benefits but not REAL benefits just child birthing benefits….iono its just so weird to me….

    <3 Mama Mo

  4. Passerby says

    My twins were 7 months old when I found out I was pregnant again!!! Total shocker, but absolutely PERFECT! We then went on to have #4 a bit later, so our 4 kids are all 3 years apart! Crazy and loud is our home, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!

  5. Patrice0x0x says

    This is so confusing… I just can’t figure out why they are having a baby 2gether, and why artificial insimination? I just don’t get it… they both want to have kids, so they did? I don’t know its just so weird to me… I agree with what everyone is saying about how they are going 2 explain this to the kids… just so weird!!!

  6. iowa girl says

    im not defending them, because Clay completely creeps me out. but from a bunch of things i have read in comments, and what makes sense…at her age (50 or more) it would be almost impossible to get pregnant the old fashioned way. (i shudder to think about it) that is all i have

  7. Lucy L. says

    To those who are ignorant on AI (Artificial Insemination)–

    Artificial insemination is the norm for women who are approaching non child bearing years. No matter how much they try to do it the natural way, 99% the woman cannot get pregnant. They have to resort to aritificial insemination for her to get pregnant.

  8. Passerby says

    It’s sad when people think that a pre-requisite to bringing up children is being extremely wealthy and “successful”. Sure it takes a certain amount of money, but not extreme wealth. I wonder how these two will go about telling their child the circumstances of his/her conception? Daddy’s gay and won’t have sex with mummy like most couples do, so we had to resort to advanced medical technology to make you happen, and implanted your embryo in mummy when she was 50 years old. Also how do you explain to the child daddy’s gay relationships, and perhaps her heterosexual ones with other men? She’ll be 70 when the kid is 20 and even older if they have a second one. That’s as old as my Mum and I have 2 adult boys! The concept of the right to have a child (assisted by expensive medical technology) is out of control. Obviously, the companies who offer this technology are in it for the money. This guy is fully fertile but because of his sexual orientation and the fact that he will not have sex with a woman, he then buys a way of having a child. These two adults are all about getting their needs and “rights” satisfied, but what about the effects on the child later on. The child’s rights don’t seem to come into the equation.

  9. Passerby says

    Maybe he should wait until the first one comes to start talking about a second. How much is he paying this woman? Who will have custody? Michael Jackson?

  10. Debby says

    To each their own, but this is just too strange. Who knows though; he may be a great father. The comment about them both being extremely wealthy and money being no object is bothersome to me though. Of course it does take money to raise a child, money is not all it takes to raise a child. No need to elaborate on that.

  11. Passerby says

    The article in the magazine clearly states that it was NOT artificial insemination. It was Advanced IVF which is completely different.

    Why can’t people just report things the way they are instead of changing them to make people look bad. The truth is interesting enough without adding bullshit. If these 2 plan on having a family then congratulations and best of luck to them.

  12. D says

    did you know that you comments section on FitCeleb isn’t working and has not been for a couple of days?

  13. Sammi says

    I have a twin sister and it was my mom’s first pregnancy and we were quite the handful. Hearing the stories from my mom (and my grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.) about my sister and I are hilarious. We got into quite a few messes together. When my mom decided to have more kids the doctor told her it was about a 95% chance she would have multiple births (twins, triplets..etc.) for every pregnancy. She’s going right to heaven, that’s for sure!

  14. LaurenLovesNick says

    I love when people get to have children in crazy situations but it still makes me so sad when women over 50 start having children. My Dad was 38 when I was born and it was hard.. He could never do what the other kids dads did because he physically wasnt able. And it was emabrassing going to the movies and getting both the student AND senior discount. And I dont even think 38 is old!!!! I just cant imagine what a child will go through with a parent that much older…

    That being said, I think all women have the right to have children no matter what age they are!