Shiloh Is Ready To Be A Big Sister

Seriously, every time I see a picture of that little girl I’m stunned by what a beautiful child she is! Anyways, on to the news…Shiloh is getting ready for the arrival of her twin sisters!

It’s always a little nerve wracking to see how siblings will react to the arrival of a new brother or sister, but it sounds like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are doing their best to make sure Shiloh is mentally prepared.

The toe-headed tot is finally coming around to accepting that
she’s going to be a big sister and friends say it’s a big relief in the
Jolie-Pitt household.

"It took her a while, but now she’s as excited as
the rest of the family," a Jolie-Pitt insider tells OK!. "She puts her
hands on Angie’s stomach to feel the twins kick and she jumps back and starts

If you have multiple kids, how did your older ones handle any new arrivals to the family?




  1. Passerby says

    that is so funny, my oldest nephew cried and begged my sister to not have anymore kids. she has a total of 4.

  2. Passerby says

    what is so cute she doesn’t even have eyelashes. good jeez common is not always the most beautiful. and if her permanent teeth look like her baby teeth she will really have a nasty set of chompers on her and then she will look like Tammy Faye with the mascara, people should not be judged by who their parents are or their parent accomplishments.

  3. ladybug says

    C’mon, Shiloh is probably a bit too young to know what’s really going on! She looks like a combination of Jon Voight and Brad Pitt, with Angelina’s lips.

  4. editor says

    “Toe-headed”? She has a toe for a head? Someone could use an editor — the word they’re looking for is “towheaded.”

  5. Passerby says

    She’s definitely a cute child but cute babies are a dime a dozen. Some people act like they’ve never seen pretty kids before. Or maybe the babies in my family are just exceptionally gorgeous. Yea that’s it. lol

  6. Passerby says

    Not that she isn’t cute on her own, but do you think they’d photoshop even a little cutie like Shilo to make her even more “perfect”? I’d put nothing past the tabloids!

  7. Passerby says

    You know, I don’t like the way her picture is splashed over these magazine covers. It’s just weird. What will she think when she grows up? Hopefully she will think it’s funny.

  8. Janepitt says

    She is definitely not beautiful, she is cute, but beautiful no freaking way. Her lips and her forehead are gigantic. I do believe that all the fuss is over her blue eyes and blonde hair. As for being the chosen one, please she is the daughter of a whore and an idiot. Nothing from Angelina’s toxic womb could be special.

  9. Kerstin says

    Thank God someone else noticed the “toe-headed” part. Cute as she is, I just can’t get over that misspelling.

  10. Manda says

    i think shes adorable!
    lmao at the jen in the corner headline though. will they ever let jen forget about brad??

  11. Passerby says

    I think she is adorable baby. But I also think there are many other adorable babies. In my opinion she was more beautiful when she was younger since now she looks more like Brad. But I think she will be going through stages in her life when she will resemble Angelina more, and then Brad, and it will change everytime. She will be very pretty as a woman, but she will be more traditional looking as oppose to Angelina, who, I think, is more exotic. Hopefully she will not turn into Chastity Bono look alike.

  12. fedup says

    Thank God someone pointed out the “toe headed” issue. Education has gone to pot in this country. I see so many errors in tabs that it makes me sick… well, than again look what makes news and look at the sort of websites we spend our days on…. No offense anyone, I do it too, but at least I know the difference between toe headed and tow headed…

  13. Passerby says

    Hey fedup, it’s “then” again. Pot. Kettle. Black.

    BTW, I think Shiloh does resemble a toe.

  14. BBB says

    I have five kids. By the time we were on number 4, the older ones were bored with it all. “Yeah, sure, show us the baby when you get home. Will I have to share my room?”

    That was about as enthusiastic as it got around here. However, now that they’re older, they get along really well.

  15. Passerby says

    I think Shiloh is adorable but my god you can tell they’ve been photo-shopped like hell. They made her eyes much bluer than they are and she looks like a doll (as in fake). It’s ridiculous! I have to laugh that someone suggested that blonde hair with blue eyes are considered smart… they’re usually considered ‘dumb’…you know dumb blonde. LOL

  16. I SAID: says

    What about the other kids??? Is she now the one for tabloid-sale??? This is fucking disgusting how they’re are hiding in France to have the sibling bastard-twins (for privacy) while selling Shiloh to OK Mag! Give me a freakin’ break and just STAY IN FRANCE!!!

  17. Passerby says

    I’m surprised St Angelina allowed her daughter to be photographed, photoshopped and splashed all over the cover of a trash rag. I thought she was all about privacy and protecting her children from unnecessary publicity. I wonder if money had something to do with it….. lol

  18. Passerby says

    Are you on speed? Or are you just stoopid? As if they have a say on who tabloids pick as cover. They didn’t sell pictures of Shiloh, they were taken by papz when they shopping in Bonpoint. Actually I don’t have anything against hate, you can hate all you want but please base it on facts not just spewing stoopidity all over the net.

    I know how spell, I just don’t it to look like this stupid.

  19. Passerby says

    In reply to the above. Actually I don’t need or want it. Of course I don’t have the money they do, but I’m quite content and comfortable with what I have as my partner and I have worked hard for it. At least we can lead normal lives, and go out and enjoy ourselves without being hounded by a pack of paparazzi wolves. And our kids are not featured in trash magazines to have their looks and lives dissected for “entertainment value”. I wouldn’t want her money, because the price she pays in having sold her privacy is too high. Lately she seems to be courting the media at every opportunity, and we no longer hear about her crusades for the disadvantaged of the world. It’s all about her. Publicity whore is the name which comes to mind to describe her present behaviour.

  20. meeee says

    She is sweet. Though the image has been photoshopped, there are other pictures around made by paps, she still looks dead pretty so all the enchancement was not needed after all, she is just a cute child.

    Even if Angie and Brad will try to hide from the paps, it will not make them stop from what they are doing. These children are in the famous family, they will have to deal with all the attention sooner or later, they cannot be brought up like regular kids. And I don’t see anything wrong in adopting children from other countries and after use the facts to create awareness about what is going on in these poor countries.

    Angie didn’t have to do all the charity for publicity. She is already one of the most paid actresses in Hollywood. If she would be money hungry, instead of travelling around, she would spend time on making another couple of movies and put 20-30 millions in her pocket. Instead she has choosen to help other people, which cannot stand for themself but at the same time she takes care of her growing family. Every time I want to say to myself “i don’t have time to do this or that”, I think about Angie, she is inspiring!

    Angie decided to go to France to deliver her children in honour of her mother and not just to “avoid publicity”.

    Also it is not her or Brad that choose headlines for the magazines. I’m sure they treat their children equally and do not separate for “biological” and “not biological”.

  21. Moreaces says

    She is two, I somehow doubt she has the insight and intellect to know she wants to be a big sister,, That being said, she is a very beautiful child.

  22. Passerby from Scotland says

    What an unimaginable amount of spite being thrown around about a child! I am shocked!

  23. Passerby says


  24. Passerby says

    I truly can’t say if she’s beautiful or not. She’s photoshopped so often that I don’t know what she really looks like. Nobody’s eyes are that white without a little digital alteration.

  25. Passerby says

    What about the other kids? I’m sure they are excited as well, oh yeah I forgot this only applies to Angie and Brad’s biological kids.

  26. Passerby says

    Am I the only one who think she is not beautiful? So what she has blonde hair / blue eyes. She’s weird looking and looks slow.

  27. Passerby says

    I agree she is not beautiful i m sure people call her beautiful because she has blonde hair,blue eyes and because of her overrated parents.
    Besides,she looks like her grandfather Jon Voight.

  28. kiki says

    i know we will get ripped apart for this but, i kinda of agree with you on this one-not the part about her looking weird and slow(i don’t think that). she looks like your everyday adorable baby. to me, in my opinion, there is nothing extraordinary about this kid. i think ppl make a big fuss about her because of who her parents are. but, i do think she will grow up to be a beutiful woman. only time will tell though. let’s just wait and see. btw, she does have angie lips but she has her old lips. remember those pic that came out of angie modeling when she was a teenager? well if you look closely you will see that shiloh lips has the exact same shape as her mom in those pic. but, angie top lip is clearly way small than her bottom lip; her bottom lip is huge. this leads me to believe she had surgery on them becasue the shape is completely different now. i remember the whole debate when the pic came out because one site had two pic of her blown up to compare. this will be proven when shiloh starts to get older.

  29. Passerby says

    she is gorgeous, she does look like Brad but you can’t mistake whose lips those belong to. This little girl will forever be in the media; one because of who her parents are and two because of her looks.

  30. Passerby says

    Has anyone else noticed how these magazines ALWAYS pit Angelina and Jen against each other? I mean, they put Jen in the left hand corner and make comparisons between John Mayer and Brad Pitt! Soooooo ridiculous! Jen and Angelina will never be allowed to find peace from comparisons in their public lives.

    I agree with whomever said Shilo is overrated. People seem to always go a little crazy for the blond hair/blue eye combination.

  31. Passerby says

    I agree with you, in America blond hair and blue eyes are considered beautiful, gorgeous and sexy. It doesn’t mean is always true, even
    Kate Hudson once said how magazines change her eye color to blue, her eyes are green. We have been brainwashed to believe that only blond, blue eye people are smarter, more beautiful and get more out of life. Is a big old can of worms; I’m not trying to open and start a feud, is just a fact. Beautiful people come in many different colors.

  32. Passerby says

    Shiloh is so beautiful and not because she has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is just beautiful.

  33. Riviera says

    I doubt Shiloh is “getting prepared” for the birth. My kids are 2 years apart and my older one was aware that there was a baby in my belly, but didn’t quite understand it until he actually saw the baby. These tabloids are clearly making up these bullsh!t stories.

  34. Mel says

    Did anyone expect her to be less than perfection? I’m convinced that Shiloh is The Chosen One and that she will bring peace and eternal harmony to the universe.

  35. Riviera says

    What, so Shiloh isn’t allowed to be beautiful just because she has blonde hair and blue eyes??? Double standard much?

  36. Passerby says

    not one person here says she is not allowed to be beautiful, they were commenting on how magazines play up to her blond hair and blue eyes. All of Angie and Brad kids are cute. I’ve read your other post; calm down, you seem to read into things that are not said.

  37. says

    this is disgusting. the kid can barely wald and already they photoshop the h*ll out of her face. and just remind me why it is so important to have celeb-kids covered at all?!? in every other case the people would go screaming at the parents for selling out their children!

  38. Tess says

    She looks like a doll =) She’s so cute!
    I can’t wait to se what she’ll look like when she gets older.

  39. duda says

    unbelievable over 40 comments about the looks of a defenseless child because of who her parents are…
    I hope no one ever tears apart your children.. simply because of who you are…

  40. Passerby says

    Shiloh is going to be jealous of the twin because she won’t be the baby no more i know from experience, when a new baby or babies come along they think that they are not love anymore. they think that they are left our just like her adopt kids these kid do not know what is going on they are so much in the spot light it’s a wonder if they know right from left.

  41. Passerby says

    some people are so stupid. You really think Brad and Angelina agree to put their child (shiloh here) on cover of stupid magazine like that!!! For publicity!!!????? They dont need that kind of publicity!!! I think they dont have time to waist to sue all those magazine who say stupid things about them. All this business( mags, paparazzi) make sooooooooooooooo much money with celebs, those mags sell alot of magazine saying craps about celebrities. And stupid people believe it and buy it. WHY STOP!!?? Brad and Angelina dont spend time reading those magazine and call their advocate ( like Dina Lohan) cause their career doesnt depend on paparazzi and tabloid.

    Shiloh is a BEAUTIFUL baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Passerby says

    Re above: If they don’t need or court the publicity, why is Ms Jolie giving interviews to so many magazines at the moment? She’s not doing it with her arm twisted up her back. This woman does nothing if there isn’t something in it for her. Obviously she gets paid. Criticizing Ms Jolie has nothing to do with being a hater. She is just so full of hypocrisy that she leaves herself wide open to it. She’s made a media circus out of “collecting” her kids from around the world, and then giving birth to her own child in Africa (!), so she brought about herself the scrutiny they are subjected to. Many “celebs” have adopted children but you don’t see them splashed all over the trash mags. That’s because they realize it’s in the child’s interests to be kept away from media scrutiny. With the continued media interest she has generated in herself re the birth of her twins in recent times, the scrutiny of her family will only increase. The media are businesses out to make money. Ms Jolie is out to make money. They feed off eachother.

  43. Passerby says

    And haters… so JEnnifer really agreed to put a comment about How John is better in bed than BRad?? for publicity!!!?? Dont think so. Same for Angelina and Brad. They all dont have time to waist.

  44. jes says

    i love that baby girl but GOOD GRIEF!!! she’s a toddler for crying out loud! she doesn’t even realize what’s coming! LOL

  45. Passerby says

    Those lips…Boy, she’s going to look so much like her mum and Brad!!!
    It’s gonna be such a mix.