Jason Priestley Is Coming Back To 90210

Jason Priestley
will be coming back to 90210, only this time he’ll be behind the camera! He recently said he wants to direct a couple episodes of the spinoff.


"I think that’s where I’ll be most beneficial."
As for the new series’ overall prospects, he ventures, "I’m sure it’ll
be great."


Someone needs to convince that man to get in FRONT of the camera again so we can all drool. :)




  1. Passerby says

    I’m just glad he’s directing and didn’t agree to take some sort of starring role. That would just be admitting your career has gone down the tubes and you’ve resorted to reliving past glories!

  2. Bridgid S says

    Folks, you couldn’t be more wrong. 90210 should never have even gone off the air. Lots of us would have been happy to watch Maddie grow up and then see some divorces, etc. You aren’t a real fan if you didn’t think so. Jason Priestly left too prematurely. I say he is HOT and his acting got better and better every year. He began to ad-lib…it seemed and it was great. I loved the direction the show went towards the end.

  3. Ange says

    i think it would be great to get some more of the old cast members together for the new 90210 like Jason Priestly, Ian Zearing,Tiffani Amber Thiesson,Luke Perry,Brian Austin Greene,Tori Spelling,and the girl that played Andrea and ofcourse her husband and their child. I’m also dying to find out who the daddy is of little Sam. Honestly i’m thinking Kelly was with Dylan but ended up having a fling with Brandon even though little Sam has blonde hair his mother also had blonde hair.