Whatever John Mayer’s Secret Is He Should Market It…

Or so says a pal. John Mayer needs to put a trademark on whatever he is doing in bed and start marketing it! An insider says that Jennifer Aniston is dressing sexier and feeling good about herself, all because of John’s skills between the sheets.

"John is good in bed," a pal of the 30-year old singer-songwriter tells OK!.
"Not just good, but sensational. Every girl I know who has slept with
John says it was the best sex of their life. I’m not sure what exactly
he does in bed, but after girls sleep with him, they’re ruined. They
get totally hung up on him and want more! Whatever John’s secret is, he
should market it. He could retire from the music industry."

Haha, sounds like a life changing experience….yeaaaah. Men totally overestimate their power. :)




  1. iowa girl says

    haha i have read he has a big ‘ol schlong. Yep i called it that. Im over John Mayer. O. V. E. R. him! He was always my guilty pleasure…but he has become so overly photographed and talked about . Hopefully he can just back down for a bit, i don’t like being sick of him. I even still liked him at the beginning of the Aniston dating thing, but he keeps changing his personality…boo.

  2. Donna J says

    Most men are barely adequate in bed, so when a gal finally finds a man that knows what he’s doing she wants to hold on to it.! *LOL*

  3. Passerby says

    A big package is probably more like it. Truly weird that his friends talk about that stuff at all, it’s not like he needs the “publicity” for dates. Regardless, good for Jennifer Aniston….you go girl~

  4. Passerby says

    i doubt this is true. usually it’s women who talk to their friends about their bf’s skills in bed, etc, not usually a guy to another guy. so unless this quote was coming from courtney cox, i don’t believe it one bit!

  5. Passerby says

    I had a guy that knew what he was doing. Believe me, I still wish for the electricity again. It was HOT! Oh man….I need a cold shower

  6. Passerby says

    Bisexuals are usually very good in bed. As Sandra Bernhard once said, it’s the Doublemint theory. Double the pleasure, double the fun!

  7. Passerby says

    This sounds like him messing with the media or complete bullsh*t.

    I have a difficult time believing that someone who wrote a song like “Daughters” treats women poorly.

  8. angel says

    that’s so freakin disgusting…

    who in thier right mind posts this b*&shit about thier personal lives??????????

  9. Passerby says

    We all know that men, and their friends, who boast about how good they are between the sheets really aren’t. Guys who are don’t feel the need. Also, no matter how good he is there must be something missing because he seems to go through a lot of women without being able to form a stable relationship with any of them. Maybe he’s still accumulating notches on his bed-post… Also what makes good sex is the chemistry between the two people involved. A guy who is perfect for one woman could be totally wrong for another. How totally boring….

  10. Otis Rail says

    Two things come to mind girls. Anniston, Hollywood’s must over-hyped, no-talent bore has finally someone in her life as important as Pitt was. Before Myers, I can only imagihe there musta been a whole lotta emptiness and self-pity. Vince Vaughn? Get real, that’s depressing. Second, it could be as simple as this, since the average male last about two minutes inside a woman during intercourse, maybe Myers is one of those fella’s keepin’ the average up. Maybe a combination, eh? Otis Rail

  11. melissa22 says

    Ewe. Too much information, who really cares if he is good in bed. Is anything personal anymore? And I HATE when things are quoted by a ‘source’. So fuckin lame.

  12. Nikki G says

    yeah, whatever, i’ve heard that before. i’m no stranger at the “pleasantly surprising” lover i.e. not overtly hot, great personality and has that special something that you are EXTREMELY attracted to. You can’t figure it out until you sell the deal then it all comes together….
    something tells me John Mayer is NOT that guy. It’s something in the eyes,
    i’m just not buying it.

  13. Passerby says

    This is so stupid…why because one day she wore a new dress John is the reason for that? How bout it’s the style right now and I could name like 10 other celeb women who have been photographed in similar type print sundresses in the last few months.
    This is so stupid and none of John’s friends would ever leak crap like this to the media anway.

    this is 100% total fabrication by the press.

  14. yawn says

    his big secret is the same as every other successful guy.. he fucks them then treats them like shit.. its what every girl is looking for.