Guess Who?

Guess who decided she need some new extensions in her life? Click on the continue reading link below to find out.

Photos by Bauer Griffin

Selma Blair!




  1. mary says

    omg i have those shoes!! just bought them!

    on another note, what is up with the hair? she always talks about how she prides herself in her unique hairstyles. i bet its for a role

  2. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    I hope that is for a role; it looks terrible! Her real hair is always so beautiful and healthy.

  3. josephine says

    O-M-G!!!! she looks absolutely different! I would have never noticed it was her if you did not tell me!
    JUST CAN’T BELEIVE IT! i’m in shock. I’m not sure if i like it or not.


  4. sabine says

    wow, she looks sooooo different, I would never ever have guessed it is her, I actually still have difficulties recognizing her. she looks good though, very different, but good. (Would be even better with clean looking hair 😉 ) I like both of her styles, even though I think the short hair fits her character a bit better, or to the image of her character – not that I know what she is really like 😉 Still can’t believe its her, wow, what a change hair and sunglasses can make

  5. Passerby says

    “what happened to her boobs? she used to be so busty – must be from the baby?”

    no your thinking of selma hayek maybe? she is very busty and curvy….selma blair is the girl from cruel intentions that sarah michelle gellar “teaches” about sex…and sheis also the girl from the sweetest thing that gives a guy a bj and ends up stuck so they have to get ambulance out to get them unstuck ;o)…selma blar always plays the kinda wierd, kooky, cool, funky, naive chicks…she has never bin busty!