Jennifer Hudson Departing From LAX

We don’t get a chance to see Jennifer Hudson all that much, but she’s been extremely busy since her American Idol days. Here she is departing from LAX yesterday looking bright and cheerful. Check out her blue nail polish. I can’t stop wearing blue-black nail polish these days. It’s really bad. I’m officially switching to lighter metallics this weekend.

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Kris says

    More power to her and being comfortabl in her skin. I love her. BUT the outfit on a thin or heavy person isn’t the best.

  2. Passerby says

    Here come the haters…listen ladies, tis message if for some of you, not all of you: IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH YOUR BODY, THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM. JENNIFER IS COMFORTABLE AND HAPPY IN HER OWN SKIN. Not all women aspire to be a size 2, Jennifer looks and feels great, which is not the same case with some of you haters on this blog. Everytime there’re pictures of Jenny, some of you ladies take out the cat claws. She is happy and loves her body; if you are not happy, and you have to run to the bathroom and stick you fingers down your throat, that is your issue. I like Jennifer and her confidence, is too bad some of you ladies lack lots of it..

  3. southernbeauty says

    I really don’t believe anyone made reference to Jennifer’s weight. Some of the comments were directed at her clothing choice.

  4. Passerby says

    I know she celebrates her curves and is well-known for doing so, but this outfit is not working for her…

  5. Zeroelle says

    I’m really digging the bright colors. <3 the shoes. The shortness of the hoodie doesn’t work well with her figure, though.

  6. cherryvanilla23 says

    this outfit does nothin for her..maybe she needs some shorts with handprints on the butt!