Love It Or Hate It: Fergie’s Shorts

I thought I’d change things up a bit and see what you all think of Fergie’s black shorts with the *hands on the backside. Here she is running this past weekend in Los Angeles. No doubt, Fergie has one of the fittest bodies around and can wear just about anything, but what do you think about shorts with words on the back, or in this case hands?

Photos by Bauer Griffin

* View thumbnails to see the back view of the shorts.




  1. Passerby says

    I’m with you passerby 8:06. She’s super fit and still has cellulite. that makes me like her even better because she still always looks fit and stylish. I always feel so selfconscious about mine.

    as far as the shorts…people look at your butt anyway. i think the shorts are a way of recognizing that fact. not really condoning looking, but it’s better that someone has something to read on your ass than to just be staring at your cheeks.

  2. Otis Rail says

    This is what it’s come to, eh V2? Slow news day, or what? ; ) The shorts are cheeky… I guess. Otis Rail

  3. Monica says

    Those hands on the back of the shorts are butt fug. Well, at least she looks really fit.

  4. Doc Girl says

    I hate pants and shorts with writing and designs on the butt. Even on children. Like another poster said, it’s asking everyone to look at your butt. And on adult women? Please. No.

  5. Passerby says

    I work at a high school and it’s really popular among 15 year old girls… I guess she’s just playing to her audience??

  6. Passerby says

    I work at a high school and it’s really popular among 15 year old girls… I guess she’s just playing to her audience??

  7. Passerby says

    I like the shorts. She has great legs, why not show them off? And I know I’m silly, but I’m just SO glad to see she has cellulite!!! (Not much, but still… makes me feel better, because I work out a lot and I still have it, too…)

  8. Embee says

    I cannot stand shorts/sweats with writing across the rear, and find it particularly horrifying when on children. We are careening into some dangerous territory with sexualizing children in this way. As for the adults who do so, they offend me because I don’t WANT to look at their bottom, but with the design/words it’s somewhat inevitable. That said, by all means wear them for your partner at home, and enjoy!

  9. audrey says

    I have never really liked the read my butt line of clothing. I think the ones that bother me the most are Baby girl, Angel, and Juicy that are marketed towards young kids. What is even more disturbing is that MOTHERS buy that stuff because it is considered fashion and ‘in’ without realizing what they are doing to their young daughters.

  10. becks says

    I don’t mind them since nobody really tries to wear their cutest clothes while working out. If she tried to wear them elsewhere, I’d hate them.

  11. Iland says

    I wouldn’t wear them personally, but whatever floats her boat! Besides, she’s working out, and I’m sure comfort is her main goal.

  12. anniedawg25 says

    I don’t get them…it looks like the hands are not actually grabbing her butt, but grabbing AWAY from her butt??? And are they gorilla hands?
    I dunno….they are OK. I agree with lis…..better than the ones that say “Juicy”, “Hottie”, “Pink”, “Angel” etc. That’s like BEGGING some creep to check out your ass. GROSS.

  13. Savage says

    I think if the hands were done better, I think it would have been a little more comical. But like AnnieDawg25 said, it looks like it’s grabbing away from her butt, and they dont look very realistic. But the front of them look like a great fit for her.

  14. says

    Hate, definately. The shorts themselves look great, but the hands aren’t really doing it for me. They’re sort of too comical and odd looking, like Savage said, and I just personally don’t tend to like things like that. However, she is Fergie and can do what she wants.