Day Weddings, Baby Showers, Bridal Luncheons, Oh My!

I love all this summer’s print dresses, but nobody wants to see themselves in the same print in every "event" picture of summer- or be that person pointed out in the back of someone’s wedding pictures a few years from now when minimalism is back, holding a cocktail in a giant goofy flowered trapeze dress.

Here’s a few dresses that will hold their own through a day wedding, a baby shower- whatever you’re up against. Each is long enough to keep your dignity on the dance floor and has a neckline that won’t have the bride giving you the stink eye. Click the title of the post for the listed brands and locations.

Far left: Polished cotton shirtdress, $99, Liz Claiborne, available here.
Second from left: My favorite! Banana Republic silk tie-waist dress, $160, here.
Third from left: Forever 21 silk empire dress, $32.80, here.
Third from right: Eliza J sleeveless surplice dress, $138, Nordstrom, here.
Second from right: Anthropologie Supreme Grace dress, $98, here.
Far right: Irish linen v-neck dress, Talbots, $89, here.

Jennifer Aniston’s Cellulite Spa Treatment

So there’s a spa beauty secret behind the "bare-all bikini" attitudeJennifer Aniston has beentouting lately?? (Well, kind of.Countless spa treatments wouldn’t enable me to look likeshe doesin a bikini).

While filming Marley & Me in Miami, Jennifer Aniston made regular visits to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel spa for its Contour and Firm massage (about $290 a session).The 100-minute lymphatic-draining massage and algae wrap aims, according to the spa, to reduce "the dimpled, uneven appearance of cellulite."Wow! (Not to the treatment, but to the $290 price tag!)

(Bauer-Griffin, US Weekly)

Britney Spears To Sell Her Studio City Home

Well, if her Dad has his way that is. Britney Spears might be selling her Studio City home (think ambulances and shaved heads) according to recent court papers. People Magazine has a source claiming that Daddy Spears said his latest intentions are to sell that home and give Britney more privacy.

It was not immediately clear where she intends to move. But a source
close to Spears said, "Having more privacy and wide open spaces for her
to raise her boys has been a goal for some time."

Benji And Joel Madden Talk About Their Ladies

Benji and Joel Madden
sat down with E! Televisions Daily 10. In the interview, the Madden brothers open up to Michael Yo about staying away from the paparazzi, what makes a good father, spending time with family and making sure Harlow is brought up to be a confident, smart woman.

Joel says a big difference between him and his twin brother are their lifestyles:

“We’re very different. Benji’s always on the fast track and I’m at home with my family. Me and Nicole are just home every night. A big night for us is her mom watching the baby and we go out for sushi."

Joel says the relationship between his twin brother and Paris Hilton caught him by surprise:

“It’s a very odd coupling. I didn’t see it at all… I didn’t think she’d be into him."

Regarding which of them they think will tie the knot first, Benji says:

“We’ll have to flip a coin on that one.”

Joel continues: “I have no clue.”

Regarding a future marriage to Paris Hilton, Benji says:

“You will know when we’re engaged… I’m gonna buy that rock man…I’m gonna buy that big one!"

Protective Uncle Benji will not lay out the welcome mat for any rock stars who come calling for his baby niece Harlow when she’s old enough to date:

“Uncle Benji’s gonna buy a new shot gun!”

The complete interview will be broadcast on Michael Yo’s
satellite radio show “Yo on E!” Wednesday, June 18 and Thursday,
June 19 (4:30 p.m., ET/1:30 p.m., PT) on Sirius Channel 107 and XM Channel 162.

Chelsea Handler’s Satin Fitted Dress

Reader request! A reader wanted to know where to get a fitted satin dress similar to the one Chelsea Handler is wearing in her recent internet advertisements. Here are similar dresses for less than $150, and I believe hers is Dolce and Gabanna.

  1. OC by Oleg Cassini Satin Dress – Dillards – $150.00
  2. JS Boutique Short Satin Dress – Nordstrom – $98.00
  3. Strapless Mini Dress By Tara SubkoffBebe – $129.00
  4. Satin Bubble Dress – Forever 21 – $19.80
  5. Premium Corset Embellished Bust Cup Dress – ASOS – $97.34
  6. Chiffon Halter Dress – Forever 21 – $24.80
  7. Laundry by Design Seamed Satin Cocktail Dress – Saks – $128.00

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Katherine Heigl’s Metallic Bikini

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Get into the summer spirit and rock a metallic bikini like Katherine Heigl. You’ll be shimmering and shining all over the beach. Obviously this trend is not for everyone, especially the self-conscious. But if you’re ready to rock it, American Apparel is currently the leader in shiny lame swimwear for less. Check out these metallic swimsuits they have to offer as well as a few other stores. And if anyone is curious, you can purchase Katherine’s actual bikini from Victoria’s Secret for $19.50 for the top and $18 for the bottom.

  1. High Shine Buckle Front Bikini – ASOS – $21.63 (each)
  2. Shiny Halter Bodysuit – American Apparel – $30.00
  3. Shiny Bodysuit – American Apparel – $34.00
  4. Shiny Triangle Top – American Apparel – $26.00
  5. Bronze Bikini – Old Navy – $15 (each)