Benji And Joel Madden Talk About Their Ladies

Benji and Joel Madden
sat down with E! Televisions Daily 10. In the interview, the Madden brothers open up to Michael Yo about staying away from the paparazzi, what makes a good father, spending time with family and making sure Harlow is brought up to be a confident, smart woman.

Joel says a big difference between him and his twin brother are their lifestyles:

“We’re very different. Benji’s always on the fast track and I’m at home with my family. Me and Nicole are just home every night. A big night for us is her mom watching the baby and we go out for sushi."

Joel says the relationship between his twin brother and Paris Hilton caught him by surprise:

“It’s a very odd coupling. I didn’t see it at all… I didn’t think she’d be into him."

Regarding which of them they think will tie the knot first, Benji says:

“We’ll have to flip a coin on that one.”

Joel continues: “I have no clue.”

Regarding a future marriage to Paris Hilton, Benji says:

“You will know when we’re engaged… I’m gonna buy that rock man…I’m gonna buy that big one!"

Protective Uncle Benji will not lay out the welcome mat for any rock stars who come calling for his baby niece Harlow when she’s old enough to date:

“Uncle Benji’s gonna buy a new shot gun!”

The complete interview will be broadcast on Michael Yo’s
satellite radio show “Yo on E!” Wednesday, June 18 and Thursday,
June 19 (4:30 p.m., ET/1:30 p.m., PT) on Sirius Channel 107 and XM Channel 162.




  1. Passerby says

    Benji must be laughing all the way, two brothers f***ing two former best friends. Hopefully people know how most young men are nowdays. Paris is a true definition of an idiot.

  2. Ernestine says

    My boyfriend is approximately 345435435 billion times hotter than both of those portly little men combined. Easily. I don’t know what my point is; I guess it’s Reason #678 Why I Am So Effing Glad I’m Not Wonkyeye McValtrex.

  3. Passerby says

    Benji sounds like a great uncle to Harlow! But please don’t make Paris her aunt. She’ll revert back to her skanky ways soon.

  4. iowa girl says

    P….UKE. I love that he loves and is protective of his niece. But good god, how disgusting is that coupling? i agree that Paris is ONLY with Benji because of Nicole and Joel.

  5. Sorcha says

    Paris is only dating Benji because Nicole has Joel. Expect a pregnancy annoument soon from Paris, because anything Nicole does, Paris HAS to copy.

  6. Passerby says

    Sorcha you are right paris is pathetic; the brothers do have one thing in common, they both like dating whores….

  7. lis says

    Benji obviously loves his niece very much 😀

    I think both of them are very genuine people.. I agree Paris & Benji is an odd pairing but if they make it work.. more power to them.

  8. Passerby says

    Don’t worry, Benji. Promiscuity is usually genetic. You won’t be able to stop her.