Britney Spears To Sell Her Studio City Home

Well, if her Dad has his way that is. Britney Spears might be selling her Studio City home (think ambulances and shaved heads) according to recent court papers. People Magazine has a source claiming that Daddy Spears said his latest intentions are to sell that home and give Britney more privacy.

It was not immediately clear where she intends to move. But a source
close to Spears said, "Having more privacy and wide open spaces for her
to raise her boys has been a goal for some time."




  1. -ohmy- says

    Brit will only have privacy once she decides the papparazi aren’t important to her. There are celebs who are more famous than her who you barely see photographed – she seeks it out until she decides she has had enough it won’t matter where she moves.

  2. Sorcha says

    If Britney wanted privacy she’d stop calling the paps and telling them where she is, she also wouldn’t have made a deal with x17.

    If she wanted her sons, she’d be fighting tooth and nail to get them back & she wouldn’t have lost them in the first place ( anyone remember when she almost droped Sean, yet still managed to hold onto a her drink? or when she drove with Sean on her lap? Yeah she *really* wants her kids. Her sons are better of with Kevin.

  3. Passerby says

    Just an fyi, her home is not located in studio city. She lives in the Summit, which is in the Beverly Hills Post Office District of LA.