Usher Thinks Lack Of Men Make Women Become Lesbians

I don’t even know what to say about this quote from Usher.

"Women have started to become lovers of each other as a result of not having enough men."

Ummm….say what now?!?

Ahhh, men, when are they going to learn that everything isn’t always about them! :)




  1. Jesse D says

    HA. I am more inclined to think it’s an *overabundance* of men that causes lesbianism…… At least that’s what my divorced, fed-up, single girlfriends would say… LOL

  2. Passerby says

    Such a moronic thing to say – I should expect nothing less from Usher – he’s married to none other than Tameka Foster, which says alot for his frame of thinking.

  3. Ernestine says

    Usher is a closeted gay dude, folks. You might snort, but it’s well-known in hip-hop circles (I read a LOT of blind item-y websites, and MANY people can attest to it). Homeboy is a homo, which explains all of his STUPID assumptions about women and lesbianism.

  4. Sorcha says

    ^so true. He needs to come out already. No one will like him or respect him less for doing so and those that DO aren’t worth knowing in first place.

  5. xoxoandrea says

    I think it is a step back for lesbians to be thought of like this… This is a crazy statement- but it highlights the fact that people think you choose to be gay. I did not choose to be straight. Just not the most evolved statement ever. I once saw him in the mall in Georgia (phipps) and he was maybe 5’2 and really shiny like he wore shiny makeup and had facials all day. He seemed to think he was really important, but in that mall- I doubt he was the most important man in the room .

  6. Catalytic says

    Maybe it’s just men like that POS that make women give up and go lesbian. If he was the last man on earth, I know I would! Besides, women are prettier and softer anyway. (No, I’m not gender picky – I’m personality picky.)

    That *boy* needs to be slapped upside his fugly, no brain holding head…. I mean, how stupid can you get? Oh…. forgot…it’s Mr. I’m All That Usher – not in this eyes, buddy! :)

    /verbal bitchslap

    • Sportsnutim says

      This crazy world we live in……lesbians, gay men have been around for centuries. Not until the last 25 years or so have the rights of each and every person living on this little planet have made a influence on how we behave or feel. I being a male love and respect some women. Whether drunk or whatever will not persuade me to even consider trying be with another man: DISGUSTING! NOT! Many women, not all women-some being more sensitive and wanting to explore the same gender.

    • Sportsnutim says

      Not all men. What if the role was reversed? I have an idea what women may say- go for it if you feel that way. There are many, many, to many to count men that are arrogant, a@#holes, pedophiles, rapist, and the list goes on. Unfortunately the few good guys out there are gay or happily married (rare), and single guys get mixed into the bad guys soup. So, I am guessing women can’t figure out the good from the bad.

  7. Catalytic says

    Gah…. typo – should’ve been *these eyes* – see how much stupidity annoys me?

    P.S. I gotta just register sometime. :)

  8. Catalytic says

    Hehe! It’s men like him that keep bi women bypassing*boys* and staying happy with other women, as well. :)

  9. Passerby says

    I know my opinion is politically incorrect but I have to agree with him to a certain extent. I have seen plenty of younger girls who just want to belong and be loved, they are not really gay, but since we hear that being gay is a healthy alternative option they are dating other girls. I suppose they are at the age where they want to be loved by someone other than family members and this is one way of doing it. I do believe there are actually gay men and women, but again, gay lifestyle has been advertised to no end at this point. It is more prevalent with women rather than men to be ”faux” homosexuals for a short term.

  10. Passerby says

    it is not a crazy statement. it is actually very common among women. and it is being advertised heavily all over the media as a good and healthy alternative.

  11. Passerby says

    why do we become so intolerant when someone says something not necessarily negative but neither positive about gays??? I guess gay mafia is hard at work all over the country. Soon we must all agree with ”gayness”. I think we are in USA where we do not have to have a collective mentality of communist countries. It does not mean we have to hate gays, but it also does not mean we have to accept everything. I know some gay people, they are really nice mostly and I do not hate them, do not look down on them. But do I think I would like for my children to be gay-no. Being gay would lead humanity nowhere–that is all. And please stop saying would you rather have a loving gay child/friend rather than drug addict heterosexual–it is not apples to apples. It is like 2 rotten apples but one is rotten by mold and another eaten up by apple worms. And it just seems wrong to have sex with people of your own sex. I am not a judge, jury and executioner. They can do whatever they want-it is their life as long as I am not being pushed and forced to accept everything.

  12. Otis Rail says

    Y’know what I think, girls? I think Usher’s really trying to tell us there aren’t enough Otis Rail’s in the world! Oh la-la! Otis Rail

  13. Ernestine says

    I TOTALLY agree. Not all men are troglodyte ‘tards like Usher, and I freely acknowledge this, but why would a woman who identifies as Bi want to put up with any of that mysogynistic bullshit?! I understand why she’d steer clear of sausage factories or whatever and just stick with other ladies.

  14. Miss_M says

    Yes, and you just proved that your IQ isn’t much higher than a bag of potatoes, dearest Usher. What a stupid thing to say, even if he said it as a joke.

  15. Lesbian here. says

    lol..there are sooooo many men to choose from! Personally i cant walk down the street without the majority of men I walk by having something to say…so it is not a LACK of men.. Its just another lifestyle people..thats all.

  16. Catalytic says

    For me, it’s ’cause my dating pool is kinda small and almost all males – and girls can get psycho, too, I can personally attest to this. Hence the “Not gender picky, just personality picky” thing. :) I do have my days where I want to give up men totally, but then I remember my crazy ex-girlfriends. lol

    If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have paradise in a few years.

    Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970)

  17. Davey Davey says

    Let’s hope, for the sake of humanity, that a lack of oxygen makes Usher become dead.

  18. Erin E says

    What an unbelievable ignorant prejudice statement!!!!! I cant wait for GLAAD and other gay-rights groups jump all over him for that statement.

    As the sister of an individual who IS gay, I can tell you I has nothing to do with choice or a lack of choices in the dating field. It’s a hormone inbalance or something of that nature than makes one attractive to a certain type of person. I didnt just wake up one day when I was 14 and go, “ya know I think I’ll start being hot for men.” NO! my hormones made me like men, just like gay men and lesbian’s hormones make them attracted to the same sex. PERIOD!

    I think it would be fantastic irony (and justice) when Usher’s son grows up and tells the ladies man “Hey Dad I’m gay!” haha Karma’s a bitch Usher….should have kept your ignorant thoughts to yourself!

  19. says

    What an insult to gays/lesbians and himself included.. It’s as if lesbians have a choice on being gay.. it’s hard to be gay in this world no matter what the media tries to glorify it and try to say that they accept the gay lifestyle.. in fact most would choose to stay in the closet (like usher) than to expose themselves.. oh my!

  20. Kate says

    Ohh, *that’s* why….

    I’m cured! I don’t want my amazing girlfriend that I’m in love with, I want a *guy.* Just because Usher says so. Wow. Thank you, Usher….

    Pshh. Moron.

  21. Passerby says

    Well, he is only a rapper and we know they tend to be on the left side of the I.Q. bell curve.

    I wonder how much he pays to get the damage that comes from dragging his knuckles on the ground fixed

  22. Anonymous says

    Maybe he said that because of stupid women like you. Not because of Tameka. Tameka is a very beautiful person. You are a idiot!

  23. Patrick says

    I guess he thinks that there are gay men because of lack of women too? What an idiot! LOL I wonder if he will ever get over himself? I doubt it.

  24. franko says

    it is not a lack of men, lesbians are filthy, low life, diseased infested pigs for being what they are.

  25. so very much true says

    women do a good job on their own being lesbians today. as a straight man, i would have to say that these women that are lesbians are just filthy pigs. it is losers like them, that give other women a bad name. no wonder why it is so hard to meet a good straight woman these days, look what they have become.

  26. CellarDoor821 says

    LOL! what an idiot. I’m sure if you go ask any lesbian they’ll say it’s just because they didn’t have enough men to choose from! WTF. LOL.

    “Ahhh, men, when are they going to learn that everything isn’t always about them! :) ” seriously!

  27. Stating the Obvious says

    Wow! What an effing tool! Quite an interesting comment from someone who has also had their own sexuality questioned.

  28. iowa girl says

    For someone who has the size of head that could accomodate a bowling ball, im surprised his brain isn’t bigger. That is completely laughable. I got divorced 2 years ago and it has never once flittered across my brain “I want to become a lesbian”. That is so ridiculous. Sheesh. But i do admit, if usher was the last man on earth…yes i would then seek solace of women. At least we could go shoe and purse shopping. LOL Where is Mr. T? I want his imput on Ushers statement. I want to see what another guy thinks.