What’s On Your Dress Blake?

Can you guess what happened to Blake Lively’s dress? Yes, the pooch has something to do with it. Click on the continue reading link below to find out.



Blake Lively stepped out of a van after her dog Penny had an "accident"
on her dress. Blake took Penny for a short walk and had a good laugh as
she dried off her dress with a paper bag.

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Gisela says

    LOL…my dog Chloe has had many accidents. One morning Vera I woke up and felt this wetness on me and my bed. Chloe had too much water the night before, I guess I wasn’t watching how much water she drank. She let loose all over my down blanket, my bed and me!!

  2. hurleygurlie5401 says

    yuck isn’t that horrible? i had the same situation- precious down blanket and all. now we don’t leave a water dish in the house- it’s always outside so he knows that if he’s thirsty he has to drink outside! and we always let him out to pee at night too. no more wet blankets! : )

    save a heart, break a penis

  3. Kyle says

    Minus the dog pee, I really love her outfit :)

    Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff :)

  4. Passerby says

    The dog looks like it’s still a pup. You have to love them. My Samoyed, now a mature lady of 10, did the same to me as a pup when I was picking up my boys from school. Everybody had a good laugh.

  5. hurleygurlie5401 says

    anyone else find it kinda weird that the dog is randomly on the sidewalk w.out a leash? i’d be afraid of mine taking off…

    save a heart, break a penis

  6. Emily says


    that is odd…maybe he is a slow walker/runner or extremely loyal.

    i let my big boy off leash but even i am apprenhensive about city settings because he is scared of loud noises

    she really should be more careful