PedEgg Foot File Is Quite An Experience!

So I caved in to the hype and bought the PedEgg Foot Filethat I’ve been seeing on TV. (This also comes from heavy praising from one of my good friends, who loves hers!!!)I also noticed that my obsession with flip-flops have been doing a number on my feet!!Okay, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Here’ssome quick background:

The Ped Egg has 138 precision microfiles that remove the calluses and dead skin from your feet, leaving you with silky smooth skin. Best of all, the Ped Egg is specially constructed to collect all of the shavings allowing you to use Ped Egg virtually anywhere with no mess."

Here’s my take:They’re right about the precision part, and the "removing dead skin" part.After the first try, I noticed my feet were smoother, and the calluses were diminished (not gone, but less visible and softer).The part that looks like a cheese grater did its job well!Then they have these little foot files that smooth things out, sort of like buffing your nails after filing them down.I loved how my feet felt and looked after this!!

Now, the part about "no mess" was a little tricky.I’m sure once you get the hang of it, you’ll avoid getting the stuff you shave off all over the place, but the first time, I was not so lucky!But honestly, this was minor–if you use a pumice stone, you get the same mess!

All in all, for $10, this is a wonder little gadget, and I love mine so much that I carry it in my purse (did I mention it was compact?)!





  1. aquamarinebug says

    OMG – no kidding. I seriously broke down and bought this for my hubby. He has always taken such good care of his feet (I know, rare – right??) And he absolutely loves it. I even tried it – and I consider myself to have pretty smooth heels – and boy it really showed me how much SOFTER they can get.

    Word of advice – as soon as you are finished using this – use your favorite peppermint foot lotion and throw on some socks overnight. (I find that even vaseline is great overnight too if you have a big occasion where you want your piglets looking stellar super fast).

    PS – it is kinda gross how much skin the ped egg “grates” off – almost powder-like.

  2. Booyah says

    I use the one with a handle from Dr Scholls, (about $3 but you can find them on sometimes at the dollar store) and here is the thing, I don’t know on the egg, but you MUST get one that opens so you can clean it out, or eventually, it gets full, but before that, they are teeming with bacteria! After you use these, open them, wash them with hot sudsy water, then soak them in alchohol and dry them throughly. You are opening yourself up up with the little cheese graters, it is critical that you are sterile or risk getting a nasty staph infection. Ok, I checked, you can clean them. Make sure you do.
    The heavy exfoliation is such a big difference. I hate seeing cracked heals. Having a long hot soak first makes the job super easy. And a good coat of either aquaphor or linosoh helps to sooth the raw skin and keep it from looking like a harded scab within 24 hours.

  3. eka says

    i also bought this for my boyfriend (his feet are AWFUL lol okay they arent any worse than ur typical male but im not a foot person so i say blech no matter what). anyways, its only alright in my opinion. yes, it did help his feet a little bit and even mine too (though i dont really get calluses) but the part about it i hate hate HATE is that it doesnt “trap” the shavings like it claims to on TV…. to the contrary, it is like a saltshaker. i know ur supposed to empty it out everytime, and i do but before i can get to the trashcan it seems like the shavings get all over the place. barf.