Lauren Conrad Partners With mark. To End Domestic Violence

Lauren Conrad has joined the fight against domestic violence by teaming up with mark. and chairing their new campaign, Girls m.powerment. I can’t say enough how I appreciate when larger organizations put their money to such great use. Girls m.powerment Campaign’s main goal, besides providing the confidence, courage and network needed to remove females from abusive relationships is to put all domestic violence shelters out of business. I just loved when mark’s spokesperson said that bold statement. Imagine not needing those shelters anymore?

was thrilled to have Lauren come on board as their spokesperson. Not only because she designed a heart necklace in which 100% of net proceeds will fund their new program, but because Lauren is a young, vibrant, educated female who has goals and works hard at achieving them.

"Abuse is a devastating cycle. By purchasing the necklace for yourself or your friends, you’ll support the cause and raise awareness. Empower yourself and show your support, wear the have a heart necklace."

The necklace will be available later on this year.

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Katherine Heigl Watching Her Husband Play In His Band

Katherine Heigl
was photographed outside Hotel Cafe where she went to watch her husband, Josh Kelly, perform with his band. She seemed in good spirits smiling for the paparazzi and laughing with her friends.

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Create Your Own Fashion Find

A reader just sent me an email about this website that allows you to create fashion looks and share them with your friends. Polyvore is an easy to use tool (I checked it out and it’s painless) that is both free and fabulous!

You can create a look for every day of the week. Mix and match pieces without having to completely trash your room

Click here to get started. Then copy and paste your images over at the Fashion Finds group where readers can upload their own content.

Thanks Jelena!

I Just Realized I Personally Know 13 People On Facebook

How crazy is that? Someone was telling me about top friends and how they had me in their group. They asked who I had and I didn’t have a clue. So I logged onto my account and began to put the people I actually know. I couldn’t make 15! I thought that was funny. Maybe it’s because I am still sick that little things amuse me… but I had to share.

In other news I tried to watch I Know Who Killed Me last night and that movie was so bad it almost makes me want to become a director. I mean, WHAT WAS THAT? If that movie got made – then anything I put together actually has a chance. I got about an hour in and didn’t have it in me to finish.

Britney Spears Crying At LAX

I can’t find who owns the rights to these pictures. They aren’t part of my three. So here is the link to check them out. How terrible! I guess Britney Spears still has some healing to do. She looks shaken up and unable to handle the swarm of paparazzi that are on the attack.

Reports are claiming that her bodyguards and some paparazzi got into a scuffle. A camera was shoved out of the way and cops were called in. A photographer claimed to have a bruise on his face, but no charges were made.

Semi-Annual Sale! (Plus)

I love when Cacique/Lane Bryant has their Semi-Annual sales! 85% of women wear the wrong size bra, don’t let yourself fall into that statistic. Go out, get sized (Every 6 months get re-checked), and find the perfect fit. It does make a big difference!

Semi-Annual sale ends 6/28 and you can go to any Lane Bryant store or shop online. Happy Bra Hunting!

Hilary Duff Shopping

I would love to get a sneak peek into Hilary Duff’s closet because shopping is the only thing this girl has been photographed doing for the past year. Oh how wonderful that must be!

Here she is with a friend making the rounds in Beverly Hills.

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