Britney Spears Crying At LAX

I can’t find who owns the rights to these pictures. They aren’t part of my three. So here is the link to check them out. How terrible! I guess Britney Spears still has some healing to do. She looks shaken up and unable to handle the swarm of paparazzi that are on the attack.

Reports are claiming that her bodyguards and some paparazzi got into a scuffle. A camera was shoved out of the way and cops were called in. A photographer claimed to have a bruise on his face, but no charges were made.




  1. Passerby says

    awwwww poor Britney, forget about her two kids who don’t have a mother, I just feel sorry for Britney. All her money and houses and travel and cars, who cares…is poor Britney…screw those two little boys, who cares is always about Britney. Poor poor poor Britney. Her whore sister had a baby, so poor Britney has to draw some sort of attention back to her…..”I know” says Britney…”I’ll pretend to cry” poor Britney,,,kids? what kids? Is all about Britney and her new album, her so call music and her dancing and her fraps…. ..

  2. Passerby says

    It is nothing new LAX airport is always going crazy when celebs are there because celebs call the paps.
    She definitely called them i saw Madonna once and there were only 2 paparrazis.Because she didn’t call them you guys are very naive.
    She is acting here.

  3. Passerby says

    I think Britney will have a very long career like Anna Nicole Smith, Marylin Monroe, Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain, Milli Vanilli….

  4. Passerby says

    When I first saw the pics, I did kind of feel sorry for Britney. But, then I thought about how she still doesn’t have her kids, but yet she has time to work on a new album. She should not be working on an album until she has done whatever it takes to get her kids back. I am glad she has made some progress and believe her dad has a lot to do with that. Again, I just wish she would get her priorities straight and do whatever it takes to get her kids back. She needs to forget about her singing career for a long time.

  5. Booyah says

    She looks like she is thinking “how did it come to this?” She got on the ride, and now she can’t get off.

  6. Passerby says

    Booyah..I think you’re right. Those pictures brought tears to my eyes. She looks like she is in alot of pain and far from acting.

  7. sandman says

    where the heck have some of you been? that fataz dingbat thrives on the drama.
    btw, not one introspective thought has ever crept into her uneducated narcistic head.

  8. Passerby says

    When Britney was thriving on all the drama she was probably having a bi-polar episode. I know…I’m not a doctor, but do have experience with that kind of illness.

  9. WTF says

    B**ch Please. If she wanted no pictures she could have flown in and NOT alerted the paps.

    There are MANY, MANY celebs whose pictures we hardly ever see, but Shitney and her pimp Daddy are not among them.

    Don’t hate on Kevin at least he’s stable and not a famewhore.

  10. Passerby says

    please she’s probably just upset that jamie lynn had a daughter and she didn’t. why else would they return so soon? britney probably couldn’t stand to see her sister get all the attention, especially when britney can’t even see her own kids all the time. she could definitely disappear if she wanted to. get restraining orders for the paps and take a private jet to an undisclosed location where only her father and k-fed know where she is. it ain’t that difficult when you have money. i’m sure one of her fellow celebrities would let her stay at one of their private villas if she needed to. the paps cannot go everywhere, especially in certain countries where there are more strict laws. gimme a freakin break.

  11. windycitygirl says

    To those of you who are saying such callous and malicious things about Britney Spears:

    1. Shame on you. This poor girl is deeply disturbed. Her current state is most likely the result of the extreme social pressures she has been subjected to for the past decade. Furthermore, she undoubtedly has some underlying neuropsychological problems. Criticizing an individual with psychological ailments is a true testament to your poor character and lack of tact, compassion, etc.

    2. This is one of the more positive gossip websites. Your crass comments are unacceptable and unappreciated. If you feel the need to bully fellow members, please go to another website where ignorance is coveted. I recommend Perez.

  12. Passerby says

    Blah Blah Blah shame on you who the fu*ck are you to give morals lessons???!!we have the right to express our opinions.
    She is still showing her fug face on tv shows…She loves the paparazzis.

  13. Passerby says

    I agree. This website is positive. For those who think that paparazzi can treat Britney the way they are because she is stupid, shame on you. She is after all a human being. And where have you been, she spends more time with her kids these days. And if she is working on an album, there’s nothing wrong to do that. A lot of stars still make movies while being mothers so is it wrong because it’s Britney? At least you can tell she has really made efforts lately. She is not in the public eye that much and when she is, she is doing normal things like visiting her sister who just gave birth. That’s normal. When was the last time you saw her take her clothes off at the beach? or go to a club and show her pussy? Give credits where it’s due. You all wished she would stop being so out of control when she was out of control and when she actually lives a normal life you then blame her. I think you just hate on her cause deep inside, you all wanna be rich like her. I wish Britney the best future. If she can get passed all of this, she has a really bright future in sight and I think she actually wants it.

  14. Shame on you too says

    You’re contributing to her misery just by reading gossip websites, which feed the media frenzy. If you are so above commenting on celebs and concerned about mental health then go volunteer at a local psychiatric hospital and get off this Internet.

  15. Mandi Lou says

    My feelings have been up and down when it comes to this girl. I’ve never liked her music, but whether anyone wants to acknowledge it now or not, Britney had an enormously successful career going before she made the choice to begin a relationship with Federline. Seems like it allll went downhill after that.
    When she was at the top of her game, there were always nay-sayers, but she never got clobbered by as much criticism as she is now. When you’re on top, people love you, slip up, and people grab the rotten vegetables and start throwing. It has got to be hard for her to wrap her mind around the idea that at one point (not at all so long ago), her career was thriving and she was THE top female act in practically the whole world and now, because of all the bad press, she may never have a shot at successfully making music again. The bar has been set way higher now and people are going to keep slinging the mud until she does something truly extraordinary.
    I’ve rooted for her to come out of this dung heap smelling like roses, even though as a mother I’ve been appalled at her maternal abilities and often thought the kids would be better off with someone else. But it seems like without the right support from loved ones and friends, she’s not going to make it without it being a chaotic emotional roller coaster,. She seems like the sort to need constant reassurance and validation. I see her as a very likely candidate for suicide. Very sad indeed.
    I always thought: Wouldn’t it be great if she could harness all these feelings and traumas in her life and just sit down, as a TRUE artist might, and channel it all into something beautiful, maybe make music that is truly meaningful and not sugar coated and easily digestable? Eh. It’s hard to make something with substance when you don’t really have much inside yourself.
    Someone said she should take a couple years off and get away from Hollywood and all this poinsonous crap. I agree. Do some soul searching, as in, find her soul, and learn who she really is. Then maybe she’d be strong enough to make it through and have some kind of success in her craft again.
    I’m personally tired of hearing about her troubles. Must suck to have a career out of making the tabloids instead of making records.

    **Edit** Oh, and girlfriend could really use a personal stylist. I could NOT stop getting distracted by those hideous sun glasses! It’s hard to be sad when all you can think is: Is she a bug or a woman? Geez those are aweful!

  16. Passerby says

    Shame on you hypocrite if you dislike paparazzis so stop coming to this website and Vera sorry you are a hypocrite too you always use paps pics.
    You are the target.Stop being such liars.
    And britney is in love with the attention.
    No jealousy im not blind or a liar.

  17. angel says

    maybe now she is FINALLY starting 2 get sober and finally realizing what she has done 2 herself…

    maybe NOW we can finally cee some change happening! for brit’s sake, i hope it happens, and soon…

    until she finally decides to get some help, i will not have any sympathy for her…

  18. Passerby says

    unfortunately, she is not getting the help in the way that the media and her team is making it out 2 b…

    in order for her to truly be helped SHE must decide for herself…no amount of dad, medications, management team, ect…is gonna make that choice for her…

    she is just being played by puppet strings right now:(

  19. Passerby says

    Will this chick ever get her life back? I hope so but it’s not looking like it right now. She still has the mind of a child which is so unfortunate.

  20. purplemonkeypaws says

    i think she’s doing really good, and she is working hard to get her kids back, by working and being responsible, you don’t just get custody back like snapping your fingers…. should be be home all day in the house hiding under a blanket so no one can take pics of her anymore?

  21. Passerby says

    You moron, real well. I don’t hate paparazzis. I didn’t say that. What I said was people want her to get better and tend to criticize her when she is out of control and when she is normal, they put her down. Seems like she is damned if she does/damned if she doesn’t.

    You are human too and I hope one day you’ll have a daughter that will go through the same things as her and I will see if you’ll still think the way you are today.

    Don’t judge too fast and no I don’t hate paparazzis.

  22. says

    Why are the comments getting so harsh? Can posters please stop attacking each other. Cyber-arguments are really unnecessary. I liked this site because the celeb reporting and the comments from people were not mean spirited.

  23. Passerby says

    She confuses me.

    On the one hand, I do think she or someone in her entourage calls ahead to let the paparazzi know when and where she will be, because I see plenty of other celebs who manage to go out and not have the photographers swarming the way that she does. And that, along with her sense of “fashion”, her lack of underwear, and her ignorance with her children, makes me want to shake some sense into her.

    On the other hand, she’s still really young, she isn’t well yet, and there is a helluva lot going on in her life right now…not having custody of her kids, her dad having conservatership of her life, her mental illness, her little sister’s pregnancy, etc., along with the downward spiral of her career and having that many people in her face every time she walks out the door, well, it’s got to be overwhelming. So sometimes, I just want to give the girl I hug.

    She confuses the hell out of me.

  24. Ellie says

    Thank you very much. Some of the pathetic loser biatches who visit this website and leave all these catty, bi*chy messages aimed toward other peoples’ character (especially those whom they know NOTHING about) make me sick.

  25. Ellie says

    Thank you! At least a few of us on this website aren’t completely stupid, stuck up, “know-it-all” (LOLLLZZZZ) idiots!

  26. Ellie says

    :) … Some people just have nothing better to do with themselves but put pther people down… others’ whom they know nothing about.

  27. dg says

    I agree with Booyah. Just curious how many of the individuals that have written their hateful words, have ever suffered from post partum depression, or mental illness? Just because someone likes to see the stars ie at the Oscars etc doesn’t mean they want to see all the crap that is printed on paper or on the internet. INO thankfully is one of the better sites, though I would think that even putting a link to these pictures is a bit sleazy and kinda below the belt. No one seems to remember that Brittany fell in love with a sleazeball, who apparently wasn’t right for her – just because she’s a star doesn’t make her smart when it comes to love. And excuse me, but where was her husband and her parents while all of this drama was escalating? Enjoying the rewards of HER hard work. Now all of a sudden they are the heroes? How convenient. I don’t feel Brittany deserves any of what you hateful people are saying – I’d love to see any of you haters in that same position of having cameras shoved in your face every single day! I didn’t ask for the photos, and I certainly don’t expect to see how unkind people truly are, in their grab for the almighty dollar at HER expense, in this way.

  28. Passerby says

    Just looking at the picture taken of her going down the escalator into the sea of photographers is enough to make you realize the price of fame today. “Celebs” court the media at every opportunity on the way up when they are establishing their careers, but once there, want them to go away and respect their privacy. Problem for them is that they are still money-spinners for the media, which, after all, is composed of individuals and businesses whose purpose is to make money. If a paparazzi photographer can get a photo that he can sell at a high price, he’s happy. The media organizations, whether they be gossip sites or newspapers are happy because they then make money out of the photo, attracting more readers and the advertising dollars which follow. Ms Spears seems to attract an absolute frenzy whenever she appears in public. Perhaps that’s because her very public private life with all its problems has been reported in the minutest detail, causing her to become a walking goldmine for paparazzi photographers. In a way, you have to feel sorry for her, because despite the intitial fame she had as a singer and the resultant money, she is now famous for the mess her life has become. It must be very hard to get better when every aspect of your life is reported on, accurately or inaccurately. That’s some price to pay. I sure don’t have her money, but I was able to bring up my two boys successfully, and I can walk down an escalator at the airport and noone cares. I can even walk outside my front door without a camera in sight. The freedom to do that is priceless!

  29. Passerby says

    I’m not usually into psycho-babble but maybe she “has the mind of a child”, or in other words problems coping with adulthood, because she didn’t have a normal childhood. She’s been performing and whored out by her parents for money since a young child. During her teens, her image was highly sexualized at an inappropriately early age. There seems to be a pattern that child celebs seem to go completely off the rails. Maybe it’s part of the too much, too soon for too little effort syndrome, and exposure to a lifestyle they don’t have the maturity to cope with. The ones that keep it together seem to be in the minority. Then again, she may be suffering from a mental illness, and therefore deserves support, rather than condemnation. Either way, all out judgements are made on what we’re fed via the gossip media, and they are hardly known for accuracy, just sensationalism. Only Britney and her family and doctors know the real reasons for her breakdown. If only she could be left alone to heal…

  30. FB says

    Sad. I think Britney should just move away for a year or two and get away from it all. It really has to be tiring to *always* get this kind of attention. You would feel like a prisoner by not being able to go outside without an armed guard. I’m not sure this “price” is worth the fame. Look at people like Johnny Depp and Adam Sandler, they seem to be able to keep it together and not spin out of control.

    Yup, Brit just needs to get away from it all for a year or two.

  31. Ellie says

    Some (probably most) of those photographers are scum. They constantly come up with lame stories and put themselves in situations where they could potentially get hurt just to get some money/fame out of it. Losers!

  32. Passerby says

    Ellie, the know it all of INO, those scummy photogs make more money with one photo than you will ever see in a year. They push each other like mad dogs, to get the “it” picture. They don’t need to create situations for themselves to get hurt, these celebrities do a great job of making themselves look like assh*les.

  33. Elaine-Mac says

    Poor Britney – maybe she was feeling a bit emotional about her niece’s birth, and it all got too much for her. I am not suprised that her body guards were trying to keep the paps back – how terrible to have them in her face like that.

  34. Passerby says

    She is not even crying.And you guys are hypocrites if you hate paparazzis boycott celebrities websites and magazines they exist because of you gossip addicts.

  35. missmarnip says

    you mean “because of US gossip addicts”, right?
    and yeah, i felt … torn when clicking on that link just to see a pic of her crying. of course i know that she is a real person with real feelings, however, here in front of my pc, the person britney is sooooo far away (it’s not about miles, kilometres). like a entertainment product l.a. just created for us. and she often behave herself like that a lot in the past. but people are allowed to change.

  36. Passerby says

    I don’t care much about Britney, but these pictures make me extremely sad. Has anybody even thought about the fact that MAYBE she really wants to be left alone and do normal things, but she isn’t allowed? I mean, there are helicopters passing by her house once a week atleast to take pics of her in her OWN HOUSE.

    ANYONE of us would get sick by that. Mentally sick!

  37. Passerby says

    Cry me a river Britney that’s what you get when you act like an idiot moron Madonna is a bigger star but paparazzis don’t really follow her because she is clever for instance she wears the same clothes every week.
    If you are a celebrity, one of the best ways to deflate the market value of your photograph is to wear the same clothes every day.
    This bitch is a media whore.No pity from me.

  38. Passerby says

    Not necessarily wanting to defend Brintey… but even if she did wear the same clothes every week, it wouldn’t help, just think about the headlines.. “Britney’s Money All Gone, she can’t even afford a new shirt!”, “Britney: So crazy, she doesn’t even bother to change her clothes”, “Britney Hardcore Partying: She won’t even go home to change her clothes”…. you get the idea…. She’s pretty much screwed no matter where she goes…but living in LA, sure ain’t gonna help… (and well perhaps you can tell that if i were responsible for coming up with tabloid headlines, i would be out of a job pretty quick)

  39. xy mom says

    4 months ago I would have agreed with you that she is a media hog, however as a poster child for conservatorship she has mostly stayed out of the public eye. She has more than normal pap coverage because they are looking for this type of reaction. Attention like this can mess with your head. Yes, we are part of the problem, but there are limits that need to start being enforced.

  40. Passerby says

    “Yes, we are part of the problem”
    NO you are THE problem
    paparazzis make money because of the gossips addicts Britney also makes money thanks to the photo ops.

  41. Passerby says

    Lets see, would that be those hideous boots she is always wearing? shut up please, this bitch has had so many wonderful oppurtunities but she choses to act like a stupid bitch. She aint mental, she just don’t care. The ones you should feel sorry for are those two kids, at least that loser Kevin is taking care of them, but we all know why Kevin is so quick to play daddy…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  42. Ellie says

    Uh, “know it all”? Really ? So we’ve met or something? Very interesting. Maybe you should get to know people before assuming and getting all judgmental. It almost appears that you are the “know-it-all” in this situation seeing that you’re making claims about certain things that you probably know as much about as I do. Are you a photog yourself? Doubt it.
    Good day.

  43. Sorcha says

    I’m amazed that she even knows how to cry. Sorry Britney, some of us have brains & know that this is all an act. A very boring one. Play the “pity me” card all you want, but for some of it’ll never work. We see right through you.

  44. Passerby says

    you are a mean, cold hearted person. i bet your life is pathetic and thats why you post negative stuff. any SANE person would freak out if that happened to them and considering its Britney who is MENTALLY ILL its not surprising she is scared. so stfu.

  45. Sorcha says

    Yes, yes I am and damn proud of it. My life is far from pathetic, sorry to disappoint you. I am not, well, sane. Unlike Britney, i actually suffer from mental illness (Brit’s just faking).

  46. Lya says

    She must be just… tired of seeing paparazzi around her.

    I would break down too once in a while if I just couldn’t breathe without everyone knowing.