Hilary Duff Shopping

I would love to get a sneak peek into Hilary Duff’s closet because shopping is the only thing this girl has been photographed doing for the past year. Oh how wonderful that must be!

Here she is with a friend making the rounds in Beverly Hills.

Photos by WENN




  1. Erin says

    Poor girl, she gained a few pounds and it all went to her arms. She doesn’t have breast implants, silly.

  2. Ellie says

    Does she ever do anything else? I wonder exactly what kind of stuff she gets since she always wears the same thing… shorts, tshirt, ugly boots, giant earrings.

  3. Passerby says

    she always has something different on everytime she is photogrpahed brainiac! wow you are sooooo observant…NOT! does your mother even allow you on this site?? shouldnt you be watching barney?

  4. Passerby says

    I like the outfit whiout the stupid vest and those hideous boots. Some cute wedge slippers would work great. A different bag, maybe in white would pull her outfit together. I tell you, these celebs have so much money but no style sense.

  5. Otis Rail says

    I don’t know Ellie, but I think I get your point, somehow. Lipstick on a pig, is only lipstick on a pig. I don’t think she’ll ever really look cool, or sexy, or hip. Otis Rail

  6. Ellie says

    Agreed. I don’t think she’s so bad when she dresses a certain way, but this is all I’ve seen recently… the same outfit repeated over and over in different colors/styles (somewhat).. it’s like okay, what’s new?

  7. Passerby says

    she dont only shop!!! She went on a big tour for her dignity album!!! HELLO!!! ANd shes filming movies too!!! FOr once, a young star who works alot and not just shop and go to club!! SHe has the right to relax and have fun too!

  8. Passerby says

    Love the outfit!!
    I saw her in Material Girls, that movie was great and they wear the best clothes in that movie!