Lauren Conrad Partners With mark. To End Domestic Violence

Lauren Conrad has joined the fight against domestic violence by teaming up with mark. and chairing their new campaign, Girls m.powerment. I can’t say enough how I appreciate when larger organizations put their money to such great use. Girls m.powerment Campaign’s main goal, besides providing the confidence, courage and network needed to remove females from abusive relationships is to put all domestic violence shelters out of business. I just loved when mark’s spokesperson said that bold statement. Imagine not needing those shelters anymore?

was thrilled to have Lauren come on board as their spokesperson. Not only because she designed a heart necklace in which 100% of net proceeds will fund their new program, but because Lauren is a young, vibrant, educated female who has goals and works hard at achieving them.

"Abuse is a devastating cycle. By purchasing the necklace for yourself or your friends, you’ll support the cause and raise awareness. Empower yourself and show your support, wear the have a heart necklace."

The necklace will be available later on this year.

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  1. Passerby says

    she is soooooooo annoying!
    she tells her friends who they can befriend and have as boyfriends yet this Rocky Dennis face (no offesnse Rocky) thinks she can do whatever she wants!
    i am sick of hearing her whine and blah blah
    ROAST BEEF!!!!!

  2. Get A Life says

    Uh, jealous much?? For someone who doesn’t like Lauren you sure took out some time to read the article and post a response. This young lady is motivated and has goals. Can you say the same thing for yourself?

    Ultimately, it is Lauren’s life….she can live it any way she wants. If you don’t like her, don’t watch her show or read articles related to her, it is that simple. Maybe you should evaluate the ill feelings and hate inside of you and where they really come from. Sounds like your issues are more deep rooted than anything that has to do with Lauren Conrad.

  3. Someones a psycho^ says

    wow! i think you need to get a life! someone commented on how LC treats her friends and you went all deep and crazed about it! calm the f down!