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Traveling Light, Casual And Put Together

A four-day summer weekend, and only room to pack ten things? Here’s
some tips on what to take- no cargo pockets or Tencel required. I’m not
suggesting you go out and buy all these exact items, but I’ll bet you
already own versions of many of these- it’s just a matter of putting
them together. Once you’ve plucked those items from your closet, then
it’s time to fill in the blanks. (I won’t tell if you sneak in a pair
of heels and you’re on your own for what to sleep in.)

Easy shapes: Think long, lean, and airplane-comfortable.
Quality fabric: Wrinkles in the cheap stuff won’t fall out as nicely on a hanger.
Disciplined editing: Be spare with your prints and concentrate on shape and cut.

Top left:
A simple, versatile pant that hits just below the knee is both summery and civilized. Cropped matchstick jean, JCrew, was $85, now $49.99, available here.
Top middle: Works over a dress, on its own, or to cover a swimsuit. Patchwork shirt by Band of Outsiders for Gap, was $88, now $69.99, available here.
Top right: So, so versatile. The North Face Seabright dress, $62, available here.
Middle left: A gel insole and nothing to unlace at the airport. Fitzwell Callie, $65, available here.

Middle right:
Metallic flip flops, $5, Old Navy, available here.
Bottom left: Rogan for Target one-piece swimsuit, $20.99, available here. (Toss this pick for a bikini if your trip has sand involved!)
Bottom, second from left: At your leisure skirt, $98, G1 at Anthropologie, available here.

Bottom middle:
Mama Cass top, $38, Alternative Apparel, available here.
Right, second from bottom: Unisex stripe jersey tank, $28, American Apparel, available here.

Bottom right:
BR Monogram cashmere long-sleeve pocket cardigan, Banana Republic, on sale for $99(!), available here.

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Celebrity Sunglasses

I don’t know about you, but I’m always coveting a new designer pair of sunglasses. From Coach to Chanel, they all call my name. Celebrities make it hard to resist, my newest magazines always have pictures of them all in big shiny designer sunglasses. However, after I broke my second pair of expensive sunglasses, I swore off buying any more. However, every time I find sunglasses for a steal, they are quite lacking in the style department.

This set me on a quest so to speak. So far my favorite place to snag up sunglasses is Fred Flare. For ten dollars, yea that’s right, they sell some very stylish and celeb worthy glasses. My two favorites are the Britney and the Misha. (I have the Misha in tortoise.) The site even shows you pictures of the celebs wearing them around town. Now I can feed my addiction to sunglasses for only $10, but won’t feel too bad if I sit on them again. Oops.

Coconut, Oh My!

I know, I know the smell of coconut usually draws up memories of Lip Smackers and Side Ponytails to some, or even better grass skirts, Frankie Valli, and surf boards. However, Philosophy’s Coconut lotion is not overpowering in a teen fantasy kind of way, but is actually a more sophisticated and subtle scent.

I was skeptical too, when I saw the display at Sephora. After walking around the store trying to find a summer lotion, I finally gave it a whirl. It was nothing like I had expected. Some might say it was downright chic. The scent even wore well on both my friend and I. Both of us grabbed up a jar, and proceeded to trail the lovely scent behind us all over the shopping center. An hour later my arms still smelled lightly of coconut and whatever else they put in the jar to make it so good. Go out and pick some up, the big jar should last all summer! Or try this cute set, which includes a lipgloss and shower gel in the same scent: Coconut Set at Sephora

Fashion Finds: Reese Witherspoon



Get Reese Witherspoon’s entire look for less than $195.

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Large Size Shoes and Cute Summer Dresses size 14-16

Can you post sites with stylish, cute shoes that are sizes 11 and 12? Can you also post sites with Summer Daytime Dress that fit a size 14 or 16 before July 13? I am going on Vacation and I would like to be stylish but comfortable in clothes and shoes that are in style and cute. Thanks

Paris Hilton’s Voom Dress

Loved the dress Paris Hilton wore when she took her father out for a
Father’s Day dinner? Well it can be yours! Click here to purchase the
Voom Eden Silk Dress at Harmony Lane for $262. Not in your budget? Then
check out the Scarf Print Sundress at Urban Outfitters for $58, which is similar to Paris’.