Corey Haim Was Abused As A Teen

Ok this is a little disturbing and hard to swallow. Corey Haim revealed he was the victim of sexual abuse at the age of 14 by a friend of Corey Feldman’s. Some people are alleging it is a certain King of Pop but there is no evidence to back up that claim. Corey H. also revealed he was very angry with Corey F. for not doing anything about the abuse.

Abuse is no joking matter and my HEART goes out to Corey H for having to endure such a past. I just hate that something so tragic has to come out in a reality show. But you know what, talking about it brings the victim one step closer to recovery and might help other people open up about their experiences.

Head on over to the Daily Motion to watch the clip of Corey making these startling allegations should you want to hear the story in his own words.

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  1. -ohmy- says

    If this is true it is very sad indeed. Corey Feldman admitted to being sexually abused by his manager awhile back – and Corey Haim now admits to it by one of Corey Feldmans best friends. I don’t think anyone, no matter how attention hungry they are, would lie about being sexually abused. A lot of people tend not to say anything (especially men) because they don’t want the stigma that comes along with it, or the redicule. To some people it’s a shamful experience that never gets shared. Sometimes people think they can handle it themselves when in fact they can’t. It’s sad they used TV to announce it – but maybe some good can come from it somehow?!

  2. Shel says

    I saw the show and felt for Corey. I don’t think he’s coming out with it for attention- I think he’s trying to start fresh in life and get everything off his chest in order for people to understand what he’s gone through and why he’s become the way he is. I hope he can find the strength to press charges against the creep who violated him.

  3. Passerby says

    As someone who has been violated awhile ago, my best guess is that he was drinking and drugging so heavily. It takes getting clean and sober to acknowledge that it happened, and then to move past it all. My best guess is that too much time has passed to prosecute. That is what happened to me.

  4. Manda says

    i really think that nobody can truly understand why someone would come out with this kind of information so late in life, unless they went through it. it’s not for anybody to judge. It happened to me by my mom’s ex-husnabd when I was 12 to 16 years old and I didnt tell her until a few months ago, and I was 21. efore that I was heavily in to driniing and drugs to try and runa way from it. So i completely understand why he would have chosen to hide this till now.
    My sister had it happen to her (by the same man) from when she was 6-11, and she only came out with it to me and my mom last week. its an extremely difficult thing to pu tout there, because it makes it real and all i wanted to do was not think about it. and not talking about it was the easiest way i could think of to not think about it.

    so good for him for coming public with it, although i do think that he has a bit of an obligation to name the person for the safety of other children.

  5. Kathleen says

    Good for you Manda and Passerby at 4:33PM. It takes great courage to be honest about all this heavy duty stuff!

  6. melissa22 says

    I was sexual abused as a child and my heart goes out to both of them. This type of shit happens A LOT but how the hell is a CHILD going to say something when they KNOW that everyone is going to believe the ADULT. Its a damn shame but it all makes sense now. 99% of heroin addicts were molested as a child. And thats a fuckin fact.
    This is something you never ‘get over’ all you try to do is move on and get past it. It WILL and DOES effect EVERY and I mean EVERY aspect of who you become as an adult. The innocence you lose as a child of a sexual attack is something you never get back, you are never the same once this happens and many people never even make it long enough to talk about it.
    No amount of therapy, prescribed pills or street drugs can numb the pain. You just have to grow up, face the issue head on and overcome it. I wish them the best as they try to start new lives.

  7. Debby says

    I kind of agree with some of the others who question his timing. But on the other hand, who am I to question it? My best friend was molested and raped as a child by two of her family members and she did not tell me about it until we were well into our twenties. She was not ready to deal with it until then. I feel bad because I didn’t suspect that this had happened to her, but she hid it well and was not ready to talk about it until then. I look back now and can understand why she drank a lot and did drugs to try and mask her pain. I hope and pray that Corey receives the help he needs to help him through this.

  8. -ohmy- says

    Too Manda and others who have had this happen – you are brave peeps and I’m happy you were able to tell someone no matter how long it took.
    People who have never had this happen shouldn’t judge why it took him so long to say something.

  9. Passerby says

    Boy or boy he looks rough and old beyond his age. This is what partying and drugs will do to your body. Have fun in teens and 20ies pay for it for the rest of your life. Hope he can recover from his abuse.

  10. Shantelle says

    I have to agree with Shel. I also watched the show last night, and the way he came out with it did not seem staged, nor did it seem like a cry for publicity or attention. He seems really troubled by it and looking to get over his demons.
    My heart goes out to him! He seems very creative and just needs a little nudge back on track :)

  11. WTF says

    Rumor on the imdb board is that is isn’t Michael Jackson but someone else on a hit tv show who’s ex-wife has a new reality show on E!.

  12. Irishgal says

    It wasn’t Michael Jackson, these 2 are just looking for publicity. Go to perez hilton, one of them has said it wasn’t Michael. I love how Michael is blamed for everything! He is not a child molestor. He should sue for his name being dragged into this. He has been through enough.

  13. Passerby says

    Manda, my best wishes go to you and getting through all that and congrats for been so open about it. I have been through a similar thing and i haven’t told anyone in my family, just a few very close friends and my boyfriend. But it’s much worse when you keep it all inside…. And you are totaly right manda, knowing how much it hurts just taking about it, only a person with a sick mind will be able to invent something like that…….. Best wishes to you and that Corey guy because it never stops hurting.

  14. dani says

    Corey, if you read this…just know that someone out there understands you. I give you kudos for opening up in the crazy world.. Remember, you are you, and people who have negative commens to say…suck.. there will always be that person who’s mission is to tear you down… to try and break you down….just remember they are pathetic. You need to find yourself again…you are in there and I -a nobody has faith in you.. I used to watch your movies-I am 32 and aside from being handsome…you have a gift for acting-being sober is scary and you might think it is boring- but I have been on both sides- it is worth your life to put positive people in your life and get your confidence back…..get out there,you can do it-remember only YOU CAN DO IT, you need to make the steps.

  15. Kathleen says

    I don’t know about this Haim guy. Corey Feldman was abused as a child, too, yet you don’t see him crying about it to the media!

  16. says


    If you were molested too, you’d be crying about it so quit being so coldhearted. And Corey Feldman did cry about it. That’s how people know about him.

  17. Jan says

    I cant believe anything these people say when they have a show to promote. Sorry but that’s just the way it is.

  18. CapturingLife says

    I hate, hate, hate to say it but I just don’t know if I believe him. :( If it isn’t true, he is disgusting. I just have serious doubts about the timing of this “news”..reality show..hello….

  19. Crabby says

    If this is true, he has an obligation to protect other kids by identifying the accused and helping with a criminal investigation.

  20. Lilly says

    This is going to sound bad, but I will say it anyway. Why did he feel a need to come out with this information on national television? Why would he wait until now? I dont want to sound cruel, and I would hope no one would lie about something as horrible as abuse, but they do have a show to do.
    But if it is true, hopefully he can help others who watch do something about it.

  21. Kathleen says

    Yes, Zandersmom, Corey Feldman was abused as a child. However, why did Corey Haim wait SOOOO long to announce this?! And, on his TV show?

  22. Booyah says

    I agree too. He has other shows, he could have said something then, but didn’t. I can’t judge him for when he says something. I just hope he presses charges. Someone who is attracted to children doesn’t just “stop”, it is a mis-wiring in what is “attractive” to them.

    That might explain a lot. Poor kid.

    But saying on tv may actually help a lot of other victims, who often feel it is only them it happens to. This is a premise that the offender counts on, isolation and making them feel alone. It also means he probably isn’t abusing other kids, which is a vicious circle that can happen to those who don’t ever deal with having been victimized as a child.

    Kudos for coming forward, it is never easy. I hope it helps others who may be at risk.

  23. maggie says

    Perhaps he didn’t say anything because he was ashame. I don’t think it’s easy to talk about it and this probably explains why he took drugs in the first place.

  24. Anonymous says

    What a terrible comment, Ms. J. Bad things affect people differently, in case you haven’t figured that out yet in life. Corey Haim was a very sensitive, trusting, guileless person – it’s no wonder his molestation cut so deep.