Travel Wear – Jamie Lynn Sigler And Sienna Miller

That’s it. It’s settled. I am going to make a new category called "travel wear". This way I can easily gain access to past outfits celebrities wear while hitting the blue skies.

For the first time in AGES, we actually see someone travel keeping comfort over fashion in mind. Jamie Lynn Sigler was in flip fops and drawstring pants as she entered the 1st class line for American Airlines.

Also en route was Sienna Miller who opted for a pair of Uggs and skinny jeans.

Photos by Bauer Griffin




  1. Passerby says

    Sienna Miller looks like she needs a serious shampoo on that greasy, stringy hair. Her oufit is ok, except for those Uggs. Uggs are never attractive..yuck

  2. Passerby says

    Travel Wear section would be great! I travel all the time and it’s always best to go for comfort over glamour but if you can manage both, that’s great too!.

  3. Sparkle Darling says

    You know the ones that are all glam change in the bathroom before they get off the plane

  4. notjust aPasserby says

    I don’t like what Jamie is wearing, it looks too depressing. I like linen shirts and pants and covered-up shoes because AC is always pretty strong on planes. Also, I do not wear flip-flops to go anywhere except for going to the beach. I understand in the west coast people wear them everywhere but I always thought flip-flops are quite unflattering. So no flip-flops for me while traveling too.