Anne Hathaway’s Ex Boyfriend Arrested

Just days after their rumored split, Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, has been arrested on charges of wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering. He is also under investigation by the New York State Attorney
General’s office for failing to file tax-disclosure forms for his
charity, the Follieri Foundation. He was also previously arrested in April for allegedly writing a bad check.

I wonder how Anne is holding up through all this. Poor girl! She seems so sweet and probably wants to distance herself as far from this as she can.

Photos by Bauer Griffin





  1. Passerby says

    How embarrassing for her. I wonder why she stayed with him for so long because 4 years is a longtime! She had to know something was up.

  2. Mike says

    Melissa22 is a rare person with sense. Anne showed low character by ever being with this guy. I bet she loved him FOR his embezzlement, not despite it, the way many women who consider themselves “New York” and sophisticated are attracted to thieving insider traders and other such American Psycho scum. It’s only when he was about to get caught that she ditched him. She’s a rat and looks like one. They deserved each other.

  3. Johann says

    Mark and Mellissa, right on. Anne’s a Scorpio and that’s typical. Although they can be people of great character, the unevolved one’s use people as long as they can and then trash them. However, what makes them particularly wily and dangerous is their intense charm and charisma that let’s them get away with it. Anne’s got all the sympathy vote now, not Raffaelo, I’ll bet.

  4. Passerby says

    As a scorpio myself, that description is pretty accurate! Definitely know how to work a person!

  5. Sorcha says

    I bet she’s glad she ditched him, before he really started dragging her down. WTF did she she in him ion the first place?

  6. Passerby says

    I kind about Anne the way I feel about Katherine Heigl. I like them in movies / tv however can’t stand them when they speak outside of it. With all the hype around Get Smart they show Anne doing her promo work. And EVERY SINGLE TIME she makes a diss about not having to wear a tiara, or not the disney girl, out of princess roles, etc

    SHUT UP! Why alienate the people that MADE you who you are! You were a kid then, obviously you were not going to do the same work as you would now, but why diss it?

    It’s not appealing.

  7. Mr. T says

    I guess she milked him for all he was worth. Time to move on for Anne. My mom gave me some good advice growing up, never, ever marry an actress or entertainer. As bad as her ex-boyfriend is, Anne is apparently good at enjoying other people’s money, until it runs out.

  8. Passerby says

    I wonder if she knew these charges against him were about to happen and she broke up with him to try and protect her image.

  9. Sarah O. says

    Poor girl, blinded by love. Un-blinded by the feds though, and thank goodness. She deserves a good guy. Or Zach Braff :-)

  10. Passerby says

    Puh-leaze! She ‘dumped’ him so she wouldn’t have to talk about the fact that her BOYFRIEND was arrested by the feds. This way, she can say EX-boyfriend and claim ignorance to anything that is going on with him thereby avoiding all those embarrassing questions on the press lines promoting the new movie. They’ll magically get back together after the movie promotion is over.

  11. melissa22 says

    Whatever she had no problem spending that ‘charity’ money and cruising around on Yachts, taking expensive vacations, expensive dinners etc. Please she is just as guilty as him, she knew what the fuck was going on she just didnt want people to look at her differently. Anyone who is living a 5 star life as a ‘Charity CEO’ is obviously bullshitting about something, Anne is just trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes.