Have A Shine-Free Summer!

According to In Style Magazine,Courteney Cox Arquetteis a big fan of the matte look. During thesummer, I think we’re all fans!!Nothing’s worse than heavy make-up on a hot day (even powders!), but if you must wear it (weddings, etc.), oil-blotting sheets and pore minimizers can be your best friends!Try these out to combat the shine this summer!:

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Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector ($16.50) — This comes in four different shadesand does a great job of keeping things where they are, even when you throw in humidity and sweat.Perfect!!

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Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper ($16.50 for 100 sheets) — You can feel thesepaper-thin sheetsimmediately soaking up excess oil on your face, and the powder finish is so silky and smooth.There’s a cute little plastic carrying case too, which makes toting them around look kind of chic!

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Neutrogena Shine Control Blotting Sheets ($7.05 for 60 sheets at Amazon) — These are remarkable at controlling shine andleaving your make-up undisturbed. They alsohave that same silky feelingto them,and theymake your skin feel pretty silky too!


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Fashion Finds: Jennifer Garner



Get Jennifer Garner‘s entire look for less than $135.

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Christian Louboutin Slingbacks For Less


Reader request! A reader requested a find on the Patent Leather Christian Louboutin Slingback for less than $100. And for those of you with loads of cash, you can purchase the Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Slingback at Neiman Marcus for $770.00.


  1. Patent Slingback Peep-Toe Shoe – ASOS – $54.08

  2. Two Lips
    Toney Pump – Endless – $79.95
  3. Slingback Platform Peep Toe ShoesASOS – $54.08
  4. Oh DEER! Seymore Slingback Pump – Endless – $98.56

  5. Nine West
    Furgus – Piperlime – $39.99
  6. Bandolino Taira Platform Slingback – Endless – $48.97

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Fashion Finds: Jennifer Lopez

Get Jennifer Lopez‘s entire look for less than $150.

Nicole Richie’s Floral Jacket



Reader request! A reader requested a find on Nicole Richie’s floral
oriental-style jacket. I unfortunately could not track down the exact
jacket she’s wearing (I think it might be vintage), so instead check
out these great similar finds for less than $200.

  1. Senzai
    Floral Hoodie Sweatshir – Lucky Brand – $88.00
  2. Spencer Alexis Floral Burnout Jacket – Dillard’s – $54.50
  3. JS Collections Floral Print Silk Jacket – Nordstrom – $178.00
  4. JS Collections Floral Print Silk Jacket – Nordstrom – $88.90
  5. Ivko Knits Starlight Jacquard Floral Jacket – ArtfulWears – $180.00

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DIY Beauty From Around The Globe

Cosmopolitan Magazine polled beauty tips from all over the world.Check out these global at-home remedies!:

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In India, a tablespoon of tumeric powder mixed with 1 cup of plain yogurt is a great skin brightener when used as a mask.Leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse it off formore luminousskin!

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Korres founder Lena Korres says in Greece, her grandmother taught her this trick:take a tiny amount of brown sugar and mix it with olive oil–just enough to turn it into a paste.Massage it into your face for glowing skin.

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Makeup artist Jemma Kidd says to protect her lips from the cold in England,she mixes a teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of brown sugar, rubs it onher lips, and towels off.The sugar removes dead skin, and the honey adds moisture!

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Anna Kournikova says that Russian women take saunas to soften their pores and then mash up some strawberries to use them as an exfoliating mask.Here’s a recipe!:Mash eight ripe strawberries, which contain natural acids to slough dead skin.Smooth on with your fingers, avoiding the eye area.Wash off after 10 minutes.

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Model Selita Ebanks says that women in the Cayman Islands use fresh produce, like avocado, to keep their hair shiny.Mash half of one up, and slather it on like a mask.

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Here’s another Russian remedy:dark bread mixed with beer will turn into a fine paste that’s a great mask for fine hair.To do it yourself, soak a slice ofwheat bread in a bowl of beer.Slickthe mixture on your hair, and rinse off after 10 minutes.The protein in the concoctionwill give your hair lots of volume!

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The Press Always Tries To Light A Fire

James McAvoy is on a heavy duty press round considering his movie, Wanted opens this weekend. One of the recent questions he’s been asked was who "he’d rather have Angelina Jolie or Keira Knightley spend time with him on a deserted island". The man is married!! What a question! Naturally, James answered properly.

“Neither, man. A good bottle of sun tan lotion … a football, definitely man, and my wife.”

Nice answer!:)Here are the rest of the highlights from E!’s Daily 10.

Regarding working with Angelina Jolie, McAvoy says:

“Yeah it was killer when I heard she was gonna be in the film I was quite intimidated and nervous to talk to her. She’s a normal lady when I meet her she was totally chill about it. Normal lady. ”

Regarding preparing for his physically demanding role as an assassin, McAvoy says:

“I physically prepared — lots of running. I have never done that before. Takes months to acquire and weeks to get rid of it.”

Regarding being cast as in an action film, McAvoy says:

“It was important in this film to cast somebody who was an unlikely character, an unlikely action hero. I think it was nice and brave to cast an actor who is unlikely too — an unlikely action anti-hero.”

To see the interview, be sure to tune into E! tonight at 7:30.