Ben Affleck Talks About Crisis In The Congo

Actors who take the time out to shed light on worldly issues are always my favorite to post. Ben Affleck could literally spend the rest of his life poolside sipping something frozen and fabulous. Instead, he is traveling the world and learning about what he can do to help those in need.

Check out his airtime on GMA.




  1. Passerby says

    BRAVO.. just BRAVO to Mr.Ben Affleck.. i have been myself involved to help recognise the state in Congo, especially regions such as Kinshasa and Kisangani. And this is the only way messages can get out there, that is, big names and celebrities travelling to regions, helping messaged spread across… these people have suffered through enough. While you are sitting at home sipping something while reading this, while Ben Affleck is getting millions making just a cameo in a movie, and while the government is going through sex scandals……. children, lonely parents and people with diseases are taking their last breath, hoping they have had a different life. SHAME ON everybody who doesn’t take one minute to see this video

  2. says

    I’m so excited that you posted this story! I’m passionate about raising awareness of what’s happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and am glad that the media has finally started to talk about it. If you’re interested in what’s going on in the DRC, please visit – it’s the story of two young women who worked in the eastern part of the DRC for a year and it’s simply amazing. Please please please check it out and pass it along! Again, thanks for posting this story – I’m a huge INO fan and love that you included a story that so desperately needs to be told!

  3. babylove says

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  4. CapturingLife says

    Did anyone else watch it? I thought it was pretty good. I realize that many times they are trying to raise awareness but often times people don’t know what to DO to help out. I think they should give some guidance to the people who don’t know how they can help. Of course it’s not about throwing money at a cause all the time but it is needed. I can never understand how so many people just go about daily life without giving thought to other countries, other cultures, other people. It’s mind boggling.

  5. juel a weiss says

    I think the needs in Africa are great. A group of us went to a town 150 miles west of Nirobia last Christmas on a mission trip. It changed my like completely. We were there 3 weeks working with the children. The first area we went to was Mankau. We had over 400 children there. It was over whelming. Some families walked 50 miles just to come and see us. These people are very poor and the schools are terrible. All these kids wanted to do was go to school and make something of themselves. They are very smart. The second area we went to was Maramanti. The children are beautiful. It was very hard for us to leave them. On our last day there, the people brought us gifts that they had made. All they wanted from us was not to forget them and come back and see them. I just want to thank these guys for taking time out of ther busy lives and help these people.
    thank you again.

  6. Jean-Didier Kanunda Tshibende says

    Thank you Benny for giving a voice to:

    * All those women raped and consecutively HIV infected in the eastern part of the DRC,
    * All those kids whose childhood had been stolen by some heartless war lords,
    * All those congolese who fled from home because of ten and something years of wars and endless killings; and who have been since then wandering accross the globe,
    *Those 65 millions who don’t have a lawyer who can plead for them in front of the Tribunal of History.
    *All those forgotten of History…………
    I am myself a congolese leaving very far from my home land and let me say it here: ” We are really grateful” .
    I am a human right activist doing my post graduate studies in South Africa.