The Press Always Tries To Light A Fire

James McAvoy is on a heavy duty press round considering his movie, Wanted opens this weekend. One of the recent questions he’s been asked was who "he’d rather have Angelina Jolie or Keira Knightley spend time with him on a deserted island". The man is married!! What a question! Naturally, James answered properly.

“Neither, man. A good bottle of sun tan lotion … a football, definitely man, and my wife.”

Nice answer!:)Here are the rest of the highlights from E!’s Daily 10.

Regarding working with Angelina Jolie, McAvoy says:

“Yeah it was killer when I heard she was gonna be in the film I was quite intimidated and nervous to talk to her. She’s a normal lady when I meet her she was totally chill about it. Normal lady. ”

Regarding preparing for his physically demanding role as an assassin, McAvoy says:

“I physically prepared — lots of running. I have never done that before. Takes months to acquire and weeks to get rid of it.”

Regarding being cast as in an action film, McAvoy says:

“It was important in this film to cast somebody who was an unlikely character, an unlikely action hero. I think it was nice and brave to cast an actor who is unlikely too — an unlikely action anti-hero.”

To see the interview, be sure to tune into E! tonight at 7:30.




  1. Passerby says

    It is only expected of him to answer like this. Even though his wife is not good looking and looks like his mother I think he must have loved her.

  2. kevin56 says

    thanks, hon. they think that woman is in every mans dream. i can’t see how any man could get ANY pleasure out of having sex with a woman that skinny. there is nothing to hold or grab on to. i look at these models and think: i don’t get it

  3. Ernestine says

    I LOVE his answers! I hate it when celebrities seemingly completely ignore the fact that they’re in actual relationships when called on to answer questions about their filmography or personal lives. I thought his responses were really sweet and respectful — his wife is a lucky woman!

  4. Jackie says

    I totally melted after that answer. If I were his wife somebody’s gonna be a lucky man 😛

  5. Passerby says

    I think they should stop asking people who are in relationship this knd of questions. For Angie they said who you prefer James or Brad ?Angie said the same thing I rather roll around with Brad than any other man.