Enrique Iglesias Confirms Marriage And Divorce

Singer Enrique Iglesias has finally confirmed that he was secretly married to tennis star Anna Kournikova. Now he is confirming their divorce as well. Iglesias tells the Daily Star

Oh I’m
not married, no. I mean I was married. I was married, seriously.

"I was married a year ago to Anna and I don’t know what happened. We’re not married anymore but we are kind of still in contact."

Photo by Bauer Griffin

Update: Thanks to Cheeky Monkey for letting me know that this isn’t the first time Enrique said something like this.Click here to read People.




  1. Passerby says

    Enrique, come out of the closet and stop playing these marriage games. I do not believe he was married to Anna. I am clueless about their odd relationship but I could not care less.

  2. brianne says

    I dont know why it’s considered a big deal in the first place. If a couple stays together and theyre in love, why does anybody care whether they get married or not?

  3. Kris says

    He’s funny. They seem happy, good for them and keeping their life together nice & quiet. Other media hungry celebs could learn a thing or two.

  4. says

    i generally cant’ believe this… marriage is not a bull shit joke….. Enrique prob. not b serious bout his statement… its’ not a secret to hide and then he juss sayin’ tht i wasc married with anna v are separate… juss cant’ believe diz…

  5. VazquezGal says

    Kudos for being able to keep a secret in Hollywood.
    But whats up with talking about it all a sudden after keeping it a secret for so long?

  6. Passerby says

    doesn’t he always play around with the media like that? i was at his concert a couple of weeks ago and he brought up a russian man on stage and then asked the man if he liked russian girls. he then said, ”i have a russian girlfriend so you know i prefer russian girls!” it was really cute how he said it. so, from that you would think they’re still together and only boyfriend-girlfriend. right?