Mediation With Britney Spears Was Positive Step

After yesterdays talks with a mediator, Kevin Federline’s attorney Mark Vincent
told E! News,

"The mediation didn’t result in an agreement that would
avoid the trial set in August … The mood was comfortable, positive
and it was a mood that was consistent with opening at least a great
dialogue, which is necessary."

Kaplan added that Kevin is seeking sole physical and legal custody
of sons Preston and Jayden but wants Britney Spears to continue
her current visitation terms.
Britney was recently granted overnight visits with her two sons and Federline is more than happy to give the Britney not only
more custody rights but the ability to be "involved in their lives in a
very substantial and meaningful way".

"The trial in August is going to determine two primary issues,"
Kaplan said. "Custody and visitation, and attorneys’ fees…In order to
avoid the trial in all respects, there would have to be an agreement
between the parties to resolve the attorneys’ fees, and to put in place
a custody arrangement that would carry forward…an expansion of the

Well I believe Britney is on the right track and I hope the better she gets the more involved she will be in her sons lives. Both her and Kevin seem to have their children’s best interests in mind.




  1. Passerby says

    I hope Britney gets full custody of her sons. It seems too obvious to me that Kevin just wants custody for the money. Good luck, Brit!!!

  2. Lissame says

    I want Brit to get some of her custody rights back…but I just think that even in August they will be able to say that Britney’s behavior is unpredictable. She is very unstable and goes back and forth all the time. Yes she’s doing good now…but we’re talking about trusting the lives and safety of two little boys to someone who’s moods fluctuate at random. Good luck to her and I wish her the best…but I’m not sure how much she can honestly expect to get at this point.

  3. Daniee says

    I can’t say I blame the Dad here for wanting legal custody. I mean, when she abruptly divorced him she just arrogantly assumed she would get FULL custody and he’s probably afraid that someone so unstable and unpredictable could try to pull something along those lines again. Someone needs to protect the children from that drama and chaos.

  4. kiki says

    O please. i wonder how much kevin would want the kids if he had to support them alone….w/o getting thousands of dollars a month from britney. i neva thought i would see the day when i would be defending britney but that girl has come along way. she grew up around ppl wanting nothing but money from her. she never had a normal childhood or a normal life. all of that finally took its toll on her. she is getting herself together for her kids but it’s always ppl out there that’s got to constantly remind her of her mistakes. those kids aren’t in any harm when they are with her and kevin knows that. if britney stays on the straight and narrow they should have joint custody.

  5. CapturingLife says

    This whole money issue just drives me crazy. He is such a loser who is like every other leech in Brit’s life. Everyone wants her money or to get famous riding her coattails (kevin, Alli Simms, et al). Just disgusting. And why does Kev’s lawyer feel the need to freakin’ comment on EVERY little thing that goes on? So he can add more money to the bill for “services rendered”? It’s insanity what these lawyers charge her.

  6. Daniee says

    LOL. When one party is insanely wealthy, yes, they pay for most of these types of proceedings. This is not an exclusive thing that is just happening between these two. It happens all of the time, every single day. That’s the law and the way things work.

  7. Passerby says

    I thought it said medication, then I thought it said meditation. Boy I gotta get my eyes checked!

  8. erika says

    doesn’t she look AMAZING lately? good for her. ive never been a big britney fan but its hard not to follow her these days. she seems to be so much better. i dont even know her but she seems so much better and im proud of her !

  9. says

    Britney certainly is looking better lately, I think she looks really good in this particular photo.
    I can’t understand why Britney and Kevin can’t agree custody terms without paying expensive lawyers fees?
    I also can’t believe that Sean and Jayden were taken away from her, it’s so sad.
    I wonder if Kevin has to provide proof/receipts to show that he is spending Britney’s cash on their two sons, and not using it to support his other two children and ex partner?
    Two days and one overnight a week is all Britney gets with her sons. I wonder why her lawyers haven’t gained more visitation?
    Britney seems so sweet, and it is truly sad that she is surrounded by people purely for her money.
    I wish her and her family a bright and happy future.
    (Random ~ I’ve noticed that Britney’s assistant, the blonde girl? always seems to dress in clothes that compliment Britney’s).

  10. CapturingLife says

    I’m guessing he doesn’t have to prove what he’s spending on the kids. Child support isn’t normally something that you have to keep documentation on. At least not for the rest of everyday society anyway. LOL