More Music From Paris Hilton To Come

Paris tells E! News exclusively that she and boyfriend Benji Madden have been working in her new home recording studio writing songs, including a theme for her upcoming MTV show My New BFF. Paris tells E!

Benji and I have been working hard on it,

He’s helping me write the lyrics for the song and then I’ll sing it, too."

And that’s just the beginning. Paris also wants a follow-up on the CD she released two years ago. Says Paris

"Definitely, I’ll have another album come out, for sure. I just don’t know when yet. I only have the summer off, then I’ll be taping another season of BFF. But an album is something I’ll do."

Anyone excited about a second Paris Hilton album? I think this is one I’ll have to pass on.

Photo by Bauer Griffin




  1. Callie says

    To 10:06 pm

    Well said. Although I don’t think she bounces back. She was ridiculed at the Spike Awards, her film was skewered by the critics and virtually ignored, and she is still very much disrespected in the US. Her obnoxious determination and exhibitionism are partly due to her denial, her devout narcissism, and her hunger to be a “star.”

    Her parents put her on display from the time she was a young girl in NY. Putting her on table tops to dance and sing for “guests” at any event — any excuse for a social occasion. This side of the Hilton family has long been considered to be gauche and social climbing in NY for many years. It’s obvious that she latched on to Benji to get back into the music world that has ignored her for years.

  2. Passerby says

    Thank you. I am 10:06. It was the American P T Barnum (of circus fame) who was the first master of publicity hype. He is known for saying something to the effect that he didn’t care what anybody said about him, as long as they spelt his name right. I think this mentality applies a lot in the media today where many people seem to gain notoriety, publicity and success from behaving in ways most of us would deem as negative. It also supports the saying that any publicity is good publicity. Even though Ms Hilton receives her fair share of negative publicity, it still serves to keep her well known and a media target. Not being American, I am unaware of the way Ms Hilton’s parents used her as a child, but it goes a long way to explaining her hunger to be a “star”, as you put it. The interesting thing is that despite being disrespected in the US, she is also known (and disrespected) in other countries, but still manages to feature in the media for a multitude of (usually self-promotional) reasons. She is often regarded as stupid, but I do not think this is the case. It is a pity she does not put her talents of engaging the media to good use, rather than her obsession with herself.

  3. Callie says

    To 11:29

    Interesting comment. Fame is fleeting; infamy lasts a lot longer. Such is the case with PH. She is still just riding on the coattails of the sex tape/jail stint notoriety, combined with her grandfather’s famous last name. Had it not been for this, the media would have left this phony standing at the curb a long time ago. What media machinations she cannot play, she buys. For example, it is no secret in LA that Hilton has promo agreements with certain on-line tabloid news sites.

    I have to agree with you that Hilton is not stupid. But she has the global awareness and intellect of a gnat. Her education and interests have been solely focused on her self-promotion. She is the classic user and taker. It is a shame that a small percentage of society buys into this. But that’s all it takes these days.

  4. CapturingLife says

    If she would’ve sang live and actually pretended she cared about the music/album, I would’ve given her a little credit. But I certainly won’t buy her next album. (I didn’t buy the first one either).

  5. Passerby says

    Like this is a surprise? Most people knew this is one of the major reasons she dated poor Benji to begin with. It was just a matter of time. She couldn’t get the music world to accept her on her own, so she’s just using someone else to get her in under the door. She’s got an okay voice, just not a great one, and not much real talent. What a user and a taker.

  6. Passerby says

    It’s probably a two-way thing where they feed off eachother. She has money and the ability to generate publicity. Even after her stint in jail she seems to have been able to claw her back to being constantly featured in rag mags and gossip sites. “Poor Benji” would certainly benefit from the publicity through being associated with her, as it puts his name out there, whereas otherwise, most people would never have heard of him. Maybe what she sees in him is a vehicle to promote her musical “talents”. Who knows, but would any man of real substance enter into a relationship with this woman? The way she poses for photos is so practised and fake she looks like a store dummy. However, she must have thickest skin. Despite the jail sentence and constant criticism of her as a vapid, monied, spoilt brat who has never achieved anything of note, she keeps bouncing back. Maybe THAT is her talent – and shopping…

  7. Savage says

    I kind of liked “stars are blind” by her, but her voice isnt amazing. I think the funniest part of this quote is that she’s already admitted to ANOTHER season of her “BFF” show. Does that mean we can expect to find out that she didnt find her BFF in this season? Or does she really need more than one? 😉

  8. PardyHardy says

    Well…you never know. Hilary Duffs first few albums didn’t gain any critical success and they were essentially for the tween market. But as she and Joel were dating, Joel and Benjy helped write and produce one of her recent albums. Surprisingly the songs garnered critical success and helped bring her into the more mainstream pop-market, rather than the tween-pop market. So, while I don’t like Paris, I think Benjy and Joel are realatively good at what they do, so we’ll have to wait and see. However, I can gaurentee I won’t be buying the album, I don’t listen to mainstream music. Specifically I don’t listen to bad music.